Midfielder “Dynamo” Korzun: I Want to move from the category of prospective in the category of best

Nikita Korzun



Photo: FC Dynamo (Kiev)

Nikita Korzun summed up his first season as Dynamo.

Midfielder Kiev “Dynamo” Nikita Korzun in an interview 1927.kiev.ua summed up his first season in Ukraine and shared plans for the future.

— What were the impressions after the first training at Dynamo Kiev?

— The emotions were enormous. Still, it’s a top club. Was very nervous at the first training session, as will my team. From the start the guys supported me, so in the future was easier to get used.

In Minsk “Dynamo” you have spent more than three years and has played 47 matches, how many plan to stay in Kiev “Dynamo”?

— In training and in games will be given to 100% in order to stay at the club for a long time.

— You play in one of the most famous clubs in Europe, what can be said about other collections. We can say that Nikita Korzun is the star player of the team?

Star — it too loudly . But playing in a club, coming to the national team feel a tremendous sense of responsibility.

— You have three months-waited debut for the Kyiv club. What did you feel when went to the match against Metalist?

— I was looking forward to this opening because I wanted to play for Dynamo. I was worried about my game, because I wanted to show everything, on what are capable, and to prove that I am worthy to play for this club.

— Before you made your debut for the first team, Serhiy Rebrov told you that you only need a little patience and all will be well. What he says now?

— Sergey Stanislavovich says I did not give up and continued to work. Who is the best in training, he will play.

— Last year received its first gold award at the adult level, home keep it in a prominent place?

All my stuff is stored at my parents in Minsk.

— In the summer you got married to a bronze medalist at the European games 2015 Ekaterina Borisevich. Now in the family of two athletes. My wife somehow affects you? Visits whether it matches and, maybe, as-that on-special support?

— Wife attends all home games. Always gives advice, supports me, because as an athlete she knows how important this is.

— What was it like to debut in the Champions League?

— Emotions were running high. Rebrov said not to worry and play your game.

— Comparing you to Alexander Khatskevich. How do you make that comparison?

— I am very flattered by the comparison with such famous and talented player, because Alexander — the legend of Kiev “Dynamo”.

— Now you give a lot of advances as one of the most promising players in Belarus. Does it pressure you, and how, in your opinion, justify hope?

— I like when people say that I am one of the most promising players of Belarus. But I want to move from the category of promising top rank.

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