Militants from midnight to 5 times opened fire in the area ATO

Illegal armed groups since the beginning of the day Wednesday 5 times opened fire in a zone of carrying out anti-terrorist operation, with twice conducted indirect fire attacks, the press center of staff ATO.

“Since the beginning of the day in the area of ATO the situation remained relatively calm. As yesterday, in the daytime fighters almost stopped the attacks of the Ukrainian positions. And of 5 cases of discovery of fire from the Russian mercenaries is recorded from midnight, two attacks are described as indirect fire,” reads the summary of the press center (as of 18: 00 environment) on the page in “Facebook”.

In particular, in the coastal areas night and morning of illegal armed groups without aiming shot on Ukrainian positions with small arms and rocket-propelled grenade near Starognatovki and Water.

In Donetsk direction about 6 a.m . the enemy opened fire from various types of rocket-propelled grenades and heavy machine guns on the Ukrainian fortifications in the vicinity of the Town. Almost at the same time, the militants fired heavy machine guns in the area Experienced.

On Lugansk the direction fighters used 82-mm mortar shells near the Donets.

“Strictly adhering to the peace agreement, since the beginning of the day ATO forces return fire was not opened”, – stated in the press center.

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