Mirror: Australian doused three year old daughter with gasoline and lit it on fire due to the fact that she is “too beautiful”

The girl received “a severe and life-threatening burns”, 13% of her body left the scars.

The father poured his little daughter
with gasoline and set fire to it during a fit of rage because she is “too beautiful”.
Her older seven year old sister also doused with gasoline, but not burned.

A police officer who lived
next door, heard screams and ran to help, covering the younger girl with a blanket,
to extinguish the flame.

The girls ‘ father, Edward John
Herbert admits that he intended to kill the daughters, but did not consider himself guilty.

As he told the court a neighbour Daniel
McMillan, entering the house, he asked Herbert what he did, and he replied that was set on fire
my youngest daughter, because she’s “too beautiful”, and with his children he may
to do what you want. By the way, the older girl is sick with autism.

The court was told that Herbert addict
and a drunkard . His partner says that he always talked about werewolves and
stripped naked before you set fire to your daughter. According to her, “the girl’s face
became a red-dark brown, hair burned.”


Earlier, in an Australian aircraft, a fire broke out due to headphones. And in January on the set in Australia killed the actor.

According To The Mirror –
the translated version of “Russian conversation”

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