Momentous events in history: February 17, 2017


Today is the Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness.


Day of spontaneous manifestation of kindness.

Nicola Studeny.


1852 the Hermitage was opened to the public.

Born this, day:

625 – HOU concubine of the Chinese Emperor Taizong, the actual ruler of China (660-705).

1947 – Vyacheslav Malezhik Soviet and Russian singer, poet, composer, Honored artist of Russia.


1600 – Giordano Bruno Italian philosopher and poet.

1673 – Jean Moliere, French dramatist, playwright and actor.

1919 – Vera Kholodnaya, Russian silent film actress.


Alex, Anna, Arkady, Boris, George, Dmitry, Ivan, Cyril, Michael, Peter, Fedor, Yuri .

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