Montenegro tourists evacuated from-for forest fires





Fires near the Montenegrin capital continues from last week.

In Central Montenegro, and certain districts of the Adriatic sea raging wildfires. The fire engulfed two large hearth in the centre of the country, reports RTCG.

In particular, the fires near the Montenegrin capital Podgorica continued from last week.

Most of the resort towns are not affected by the fire, but in the municipality of Tivat, July 17, evacuated about 300 tourists from the resort of Ponta Paddle. The fire from the tree spread to a few houses of the town.

From the village Begovici in the same municipality evacuated the 15-year-old local residents, although the fire has not yet reached human homes.

The evening before rescuers managed to localize the fire on the Bare BrSU near the town of Petrovac.

Since the beginning of summer in Montenegro has recorded about 500 forest fires .

Recently as a result of strong forest fires in Portugal have killed 62 people, 54 were hospitalized.

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