More than 500 families gathered the first velomaster in Stavropol

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STAVROPOL, September 23. /TASS/. Stavropol residents celebrated on Saturday the Day of edge and 240-year anniversary of the city of Stavropol. The capital of the region became the center of the main festive events: the city hosted the first velomaster, bakers have produced record-breaking cheesecake weight more than 4 tons, and representatives of Russian regions and foreign countries compete in the international competition in medieval battles, the correspondent of TASS.

One of the first festive events in Saturday in Stavropol has become velomaster. “He is held in our city for the first time, attracted more than 500 families. No limits in imagination there is everything has prepared carnival costumes according to their wish and choice, a contest of speed either, it’s just a bike ride for a good mood,” said TASS, the head of the Committee of education of a city administration of Stavropol Elena bucsa .

Bikes swept through the city Russian heroes, clowns, cartoon characters of Russian fairy tales and literary works. “Velomaster we arrived the whole family, together with his son Elisha and wife, dressed as ladybirds, as we are a family of Zhukov”, – said the participant of melomakarona Evgeny Zhukov.

People Leonid and Elena Germany for masquerade prepared costumes Milady and the guardsman of the cardinal. “Chose the French middle ages, the costumes were made by my wife. I wanted to do something challenging, beautiful,” – said Leonid.


In the anniversary birthday of the city of Stavropol was a record – local confectioners have produced the world’s largest cheesecake. “The previous record was set in America, cheesecake weighed 3 tons 129 kg, we plan to kill. The project we have been preparing for about a year, in total, employed about 100 people directly engaged in the preparation of about 20 people,” – said TASS head of Department of marketing “Chizberri” Tamara Bondar.

To comply with sanitary norms cheesecake cooked in a special tent with refrigeration equipment. Cooking began around 10 a.m. on September 22 and ended around midnight on the same day, September 23, the parameters of the cake was officially recorded. “Representatives of the Federal center of standardization measured the diameter of the cheesecake, its height and, most importantly – weight”, – the Cooper noted.

The diameter of the cheesecake was almost three meters, height – about a meter, weight – 4 tons 241 kg. Representatives of the Guinness Book of records couldn’t come in Stavropol, but to commit the record was broadcast live. One of the first cake I tried, the Governor of the region Vladimir Vladimirov and the guests of honor, after which portions of cheesecake were distributed among the pepole. According to the press service of the Governor, the confection is divided into 40 thousand portions.

Medieval battles

The anniversary of the city on Saturday was devoted to the international tournament of medieval battles, “Hail the cross”, which involved more than 70 representatives of Russian cities, Belarus and France. The program included fights “one on one”, “five by five” and the spectacular battle between the teams, each comprising 21 knight.

“It is a ranking tournament, the winner will be able to go on the championship of Russia and will get a chance to enter the national team. The fights are held in full contact, no stage battles, it’s a pretty tough sport. Participants use armor and weapons – analogues of medieval weapons systems,” said TASS, the tournament organizer Eugene Axelrod.

The average weight of armor and a full set of weapons each fighter is about 25-35 pounds. “Fighting is a full contact, traumatic, so each fighter is permitted only with complete protective equipment. The fighting is quite heavy – fighter helmet is experiencing oxygen starvation, exercise, stress, strong thermal shock – the temperature under the armor at 15 degrees higher than outside,” – said the participant of the tournament, the head of the club “Wolf brigade” (Armavir) Denis Pokidyshev.

Updated city

Preparations for the anniversary date in Stavropol, began in advance in the city repaired 22 streets, sidewalks, updated one of the Central squares – Lenin square, where it is planned the opening of the roller. Another Central area of Saint Petersburg, was fully renovated, there appeared a cascade fountain, underground Parking and the scene with the cinema under the open sky. The city opened several new sites, renovated the cinema “salute”, open a multimedia Museum complex “Russia – my story”, etc.

“The city has changed significantly for the better than it was 2-3 years ago when I was here. Visible on the faces of people that they, too, are changing. The spirit of revival, the spirit of patriotism – it’s all in the eyes of the people, in their words,” – told reporters one of the honored guests of the festival, the head of Dagestan Ramazan Abdulatipov.

Until 1990, the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia (KCR) was part of the Stavropol territory, so the place of birth of another honored guest of the occasion, the head of KCHR Rashid Temrezov, is Stavropol. “I was born 41 years ago in the Stavropol territory, he was like family to me, and remains, our regions depend not only on administrative boundaries and economic cooperation, but most importantly, when residents of the peoples”, – said Temrezov.

The city of Stavropol was founded in 1777, when by decree of Empress Catherine II began the construction of the Azov – Mozdok line. The city day of Stavropol and the Stavropol territory Day is celebrated in September by the decision of the regional authorities, for the first time the holiday was United in 2015. Earlier the day of the region was conducted in may and city Day of Stavropol in September.

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