Moschino yapping on Pugachev was forced to remember the Soviet censorship

Short phrase-metaphor: “Few people like to be at the table in the “guest Diva” in the online petition calling for telemechanical “to carry out urgent work on the bugs” new year’s broadcast that sparked riots in the media, from the Internet to the official media. The cherry on the cake of public tantrums became a monologue Slippers Alla Pugacheva in her instagram, “Please don’t worry! No need to collect any signatures…”.

Just in response there was another angrily-compassionate petition with the hashtag #mysapace…

photo: Lily Sharlovskoe

Christmas Lights, while not kick just lazy. As always, though. The first and, I must say, very unexpectedly woke up after celebrating the New year, producer and composer Maxim Fadeev, still the favorite local television: “it is Impossible repertoire, popular prints, terrible jokes, dive to HELL!”. Well, yeah – it’s not “Jaga-Jaga” with “Dance, Russia! .

Then I woke up “simple” rostovchanin Vadim Adamyan with the online petition “Stop new year celebutopia!”, which made two big mistakes: he remembered in vain Diva in the short phrase above. Followed by a slap from the most Kirkorov, and he never was with those who “Ian” since Irina Aroyan. She just “upped and left”, and now “some jealous bitch, mrazota organize an elaborate event and pours a bucket of shit” on Everything. “Jealous mess” rushed immediately to justify himself – like, is not required to take hypnotherapy out of the ether, but only called talentcast “to get rid of bad taste”.

However, for the aforementioned bait in vain Diva has already seized on all, and Sundry, if in teleological “hell” was she one with a night to morning and all channels. And then it really began “- thought-out action with a bucket of shit” when close to the pop king of the tabloid declared “collapse divas”. What the king of pop, however, chose not to notice… But noticed the inhabitants of the virtual world, and began Moschino yapping that could keep any elephant.

“Elephant” and survived. Snapped excite spiteful critics and made their own pink Slippers to talk with your voice… Find amazing. The stars staged a flash mob with those Slippers, passing the baton to each other. But, actually, it would be better Alla said nothing. Cartenna would look.

Live on!!!Love you!!!

Video posted by ALLA PUGACHEVA (@alla_orfey) Jan 10 2017 11:56 PST


In fact the incident a storm in a teacup “Sound track” there are a number of considerations and issues.

1. If Pugacheva is more no one cares, not interested, and just annoying, why is everyone up in arms about a barely noticeable figures of speech in the text, which referred to the General and speculative matters of “good and evil”? You more nothing annoying in Russian, sorry, the TV? Only this? And where, sorry to do the proverbial if SO everything is not like it?

2. If someone reminded me, when on Christmas lights saying something is good in principle – at least 30, at least 20, even 10 years ago, given that dried as a souvenir a piece of candy, bitten once personally ABP. With a fright right now-excited?

3. To talk about the Woman-That-Sings, and which in an already advanced age and with SUCH service, in the categories “relevance” and “relevance” of today looks, at least, the height of stupidity. People scale Pugacheva is long gone from the current time and “current” trends as Le-gen-dy. They can do EVERYTHING-THAT-I-LIKE-WANT – to be or not to be, to sing or not to sing, sing good or bad, to bring the beauty of nonsense or horrible heresy, to leave the monastery, to have children, to change the sound producer with blurry ear or to suffer with him until the end of time… still! It’s hard to imagine in America, for example, someone got it into his head to cry out “how long!” when it appears in the air, say, Barbra Streisand or Bette Midler, blaming them in the lack of “relevant hits”, “not that” voice or other nonsense…

4. Bad taste and vulgarity, which “got people”? Do not tell Slippers are great! “Vulgar” Pugachev called even Leonid Utesov, a large, of course, a sample of taste, “for habalstvo” mercilessly cut from the esters Chairman of the Soviet state television and radio Sergey Lapin, simply the embodiment of aristokraticheskih manner. The Kingdom of heaven! Worse than in his youth, Pugachev clearly did not, on the contrary prettier dramatically. Maybe even nothing…

5. A massive protest of 100,000 signatures? All Slippers Diva died of laughter completely. When Pugachev was loved by all? The army of haters and olivevitale was reaching for her pack of barking from the moment of the triumph of “harlequin” in 1975, Just have not had no Internet then, and now all these kitchen swearing resulted stinking gurgling ooze into the virtual trash, creating the illusion of a “mass protest”. And then the party rag was dripping with the same poison exposures and the curses – just tongue-tied, hopelessly bureaucratic Soviet vocabulary.

6. If it still pulls to sing even not much of that is forgivable. Since she had already sung erected a monument not made by hands, it has not overgrown popular trail. And hit her image will never surpass no new-fangled-razakariasa Zvezdochka – even under the wing another #ostapbender local show-business Maxim Fadeev.

Whereupon my questions and remarks, in fact, exhausted. Live peacefully, the country! Pugacheva we only have one…

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