Moscow hosted the II all-Russian competition of ballet dancers and choreographers

II all-Russian competition of ballet dancers and choreographers held in Moscow after the International contest, held at the Grand theatre in June and marked the opening of the new (second) cycle in the system of Russian national contests of choreographic art. As before in the next few years it will include competition s choreographers, contemporary dance and the artists of the classical ballet. And this year the competition was held in the nomination “the Typical folk-stage dance” and was attended by 88 participants from 21 cities of Russia.

Owners of gold medals soloists of the ensemble. Moiseev Artem Anisimov and Yulia Shutova. Photo courtesy of the press service of the contest

The competition in this category is also the second in a row since early contests typical folk-stage dance was conducted. But first, just separate and distinguish this nomination took place three years ago at the very first cycle of the national competition.

As before there is a competition of dancers in three rounds. On the first (part-time) in records sent to the selected participants are worthy to compete on stage. Of them members of the jury for the second and third round in fact select the winners.

Like last time, the competitors, the performers of folk dance ensemble them. Igor Moiseyev, in General, that was not, their performances, and they set a high bar folk-stage dance in this contest. In fact, this trend as global leadership “Moiseeva” in folk-stage dance not only in Russia but throughout the world, will persist for a very long time, because while one is equal in this genre these artists is not in the foreseeable future is not expected.

Favorite competition was the soloist Artem Anisimov (a gold medal and 140 thousand), which not only struck the freshness of his talent, stood out against the General background of his texture, technique and expressiveness, but was more interested in the ability and choreographic thinking, which manifested itself in his room “Tanguera” (Argentine tango) and put them together with another gold-medal laureate of this competition and also artist of the ensemble of Moses Yulia Shutova. For this room represented in the competition artists moiseevsky ensemble became the owners of special prizes (“For the best choreography of the numbers specially choreographed for the competition”) and received in addition 20 thousand rubles each.

“Gold” in the nomination “folk stage dance” shared with Yulia Shutova and Anastasia Sorokina, also representing “Moiseeva” and memorable in the second round of the competition in the role of Carmen in “the Spanish ballad” (for the Novella “Carmen” Prospero Mermet) to the music of Pablo de Luna. In “Ballad” with its Jose Artem Anisimov, as well as other artists from the ensemble (Kirill Kochubei, and Igor Okhlopkov) Sorokin played a 6–minute mini-performance (the number to call this dance the play the language is not rotated), covered auditorium with a wave of passion and tragedy. The founder of the ensemble Igor Moiseyev in fact created for their artists unique plastic material which is made to open up and present artists of the troupe Anastasia and Artem Anisimov. Choreography of the master has impressed the audience with vypisnoy characters, the perfection of directing, seized his alignment and truthfulness of the senses, and well chosen music that perfectly conveys the drama unfolding before the viewer’s history, etched in my memory “tightly” and would not let go.

No matter how inaccessible was this contest “Moiseeva”, artists of the theatre “Gzhel” was also at top: “like a fish in water” feeling in the rollicking lilt of Russian dancing Nikita Nikitin and Victoria Vasilyeva clearly and vividly were in the room Vladimir Zakharov, “I walked up the hill” and the room Valentina Cleanaway “on the thin ice”. As a result, both won the contest “silver” and became laureates of the second prize, estimated by organizers at 100 thousand rubles.

Unfortunately, little offensively for the artists large groups confined mainly to the performance of ensemble dance, a solo created rooms, what in particular spoke at the roundtable held in the framework of the competition the chief editor of the magazine ballet Valeria Uralskaya. And it’s one of the problems identified by the competition. A good example of this dance are not only these Zakharova and Cleanaway, but the old number I. Merkulov “Boots” artistically and with humor filled with another actress of theatre of dance “Gzhel” Anastasia Egorova (partner Ian Archin the contest is not involved), who tied for second place with her colleague in the theatre by Victoria Vasilyeva.

By the way, all of these silver winners, the graduates of the ballet school, established by its founder, Vladimir Zakharov at the theater. Moscow choreographic school of the dance theatre “Gzhel” and became the leader in this contest among the educational institutions: all three prize-winning places in a nomination “character dance” in the younger group took its pupils. Bronze was won by Victoria Masina, in a refined manner danced to the Spanish room of the legendary artist of the Bolshoi theater Sergei Molars “Moreno”, silver Vitali Surnacheva, academic performing “Hungarian” room Oleksandra Grivnina, and with a rousing number, “the Andijan polka”, set to graduate this school Natalia Pugacheva (she is now a dancer of the Bolshoi theatre), took the lead freshman Alesya Lazarev. She won the gold medal in the Junior group.

The winner of the first prize and the gold medal Ales Lazarev. Photo courtesy of the press service of the contest

High also distinguished pupil of this school Irina Zakharova earned a bronze medal and 70 thousand rubles brilliantly danced and “Tyrolean dance” from the ballet “the Fairy doll” restored by Konstantin Sergeyev choreography brothers Legat, and especially featuring low cut “Krakowianki” Fanny Elssler.

Among boys in the younger group places were distributed as follows: Nicholas Vylomov from Yakutia became the winner of the first prize, Alexander Gabyshev took second, third was Danil Malov from Yoshkar-Ola.

If we talk about the older group, then in typical dance competition here was low. Do not compare with the dance folk stage. So, among young men at the competition in this nomination were only three participants, two of whom became the winners: Daniil Kostylev from Krasnoyarsk was in third place, and Dmitry of Saint Catherine on the second. And the last dancer, representing the Bolshoi theatre, came, of course “gold” because silver already had, becoming the winner of the second prize in this competition three years ago. And if not a number “Sirtaki” was specially staged for the artist Nikolai Androsov, the probability of receiving a gold medal from Ekaterina would be considerably increased, as he showed himself on the contest pretty decent. In particular, brightly danced on the second round, “Gypsy dance” from the ballet “don Quixote” choreography by Anisimova (this is the one with the whip), which goes at the Mariinsky theatre. But in the “Sirtaki”, the jury found neither the image nor the character of this dance, the dancer lowered scores.

Silver winner of the contest Dmitry Saint Catherine. Photo courtesy of the press service of the contest

Among girls in the older group, in addition to Irina Zakharova received the third prize at the second place was the Hope Panfilova from Krasnoyarsk, on the first Miravision Aysylu, a graduate of the Kazan choreographic school (class of people’s artist I. S. Khakimova), which is currently studying in Moscow, in graduate of Theatrical Institute. Schukin. She literally impressed the jury:

– It was one hundred percent consent of the jury and it was evident on stage, too – I said after the contest jury member Elena Shcherbakova, Director and artistic Director of the ensemble. Moses. – When the contestants are dancing ten times “Russian” Goleizovsky and only one artist brings this room to what you wanted to see the choreographer himself. She’s a good teacher, thanks to him. And of course she has a personality that is “inside”, which in my opinion is very important to characteristic of folk-stage dance.

– In the nomination “folk-stage dance. Ensembles” there were some open?

– I was very pleased to see the Omsk ensemble (Quartet Omsk Russian folk choir won the contest the gold medal PY), because it was peculiar. They have their own way, absolutely no one else like that is also extremely important.

– Some problems revealed at the competition.

– I can say that this competition was more productive than the previous one and it is very important, because this is the only opportunity to see what is happening in the provinces generally develops folk stage and folk-character dance. My opinion – you need to produce probably in all educational institutions more competent teachers all the time to educate ourselves. This is for me an example of Igor Alexandrovich Moiseyev. Because starting with the youngest group of children still learning and probably the first thing they do is copy the teacher. As he taught, as a child, and dance. And of course, there are some things that in my opinion the stage is not permissible.

In the canons of folk-stage dance, I would like that would be more good choreographers. As you are not what the choreographer or choreographer, it’s still a gift from God. So if this gift is what it is. And if not, its not. So in this time we live in.

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