Mother selected a child custody denies beating the child in the family

MOSCOW, January 13. /TASS/. The foster mother Svetlana (name not disclosed at her request), which has the guardianship of the children removed, denies suspicions of causing her husband beating the child.

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“Of course, deny,” said she, answering the question TASS, rejects if it is suspected of causing her husband beating the child as a physical punishment. According to her, on the eve of the removal of children she was hanging out with his adopted son . “He didn’t tell, was cheerful, upbeat, well-played and had dinner, there was no offense, and not sad, and not sad”, she said.

According to Svetlana, children were taken away without first notifying her of the intent. “I didn’t call, didn’t call. We come to police custody just spur of the moment, took the children, left no papers, nothing, just taken away. I was home, husband was in the house, no questions he was not asked,” she says.

“Children who were in kindergarten, took away from the kindergarten, they had four children wards and one blood, blood is not taken, though tried,” continued the interlocutor of the Agency, noting that previously received comments about the behavior of the child, which educators allegedly found bruises. “Another daughter was taken away from the dance Studio where she studied ballet, and another one with the Christmas tree, with holiday,” – said the foster mother.

Svetlana said that she is in the family of minor children 13, took ten. “Left two oldest (15 and 16), and the youngest, he’s three years old”, she said.

The foster mother added that her family received permission to take two withdrawn children. Svetlana says that it happened after her meeting with the Ombudsman under the RF President on the rights of the child Anna Kuznetsova.

The foster mother will be able to see withdrawn children

Press service of Ombudsman for children reported that Kuznetsov held a meeting of the special Commission, which examines the circumstances of the removal of children, and it was decided to allow the foster mother to visit the children without limitations.

As previously reported by the Deputy head of the Department of social protection of the population of Moscow Tatyana Barsukova, the children were withdrawn due to suspicions of ill-treatment by parents. According to her, eight children are now in medical institution because of their HIV status, two children – in the social center. Barsukov also told that this family moved from St. Petersburg to Moscow in 2014, her 13 children: eight foster (under foster care), four adopted and one blood. According to the press service Kuznetsova, the oldest child 16, youngest (blood) for three years.

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