MP: the house alarm will be automatically included in the program of renovation of the housing stock of Moscow

MOSCOW, may 19. /TASS/. Houses, recognized the emergency, the programme for the resettlement of dilapidated housing in Moscow, will be automatically included in a new program of renovation of housing capital. This provision is contained in amendments to the second reading of the resonant draft law on the demolition of Khrushchev, said on Friday, TASS one of the authors of the document, the member of profile Committee of the state Duma on transport and construction Anton Zharkov (“United Russia”).

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“There is discussing the draft amendments, but I can say that it will definitely be changed (for the second reading of the bill),” said the MP.

For example, he noted that the emergency houses included in the program of resettlement of dilapidated housing, will automatically fall into the new renovation project .

“We have decided that not only the building of the wardrobe will be included in this program (renew), but all the houses that previously found in an emergency. They are automatically placed in this program,” – said the Deputy.

“The program (resettlement), I think, would be irrelevant (for Moscow), will act a program of renovation”, – said Zharkov.

As reported by Zharkov, debts for housing and communal services will not affect the relocation of the planned demolition and getting a new.

“Does the renovation programme would not apply to debts for housing and communal services”, – he stressed.

“Debts on utilities for the old house remains on the citizen, that is not to be associated with relocation. Resident will be relocated in any case, in spite of his debts on housing and communal services”, – said the MP.

Relocation of houses TSAO

According to the Deputy, the second reading of the bill be amended to guarantee to the inhabitants of the Central administrative district (TSAO) relocation within it.

“Made a significant amendment that would address residents of the Central administrative district. The amendment States that the inhabitants of CAO settled within your district”, – he said.

“Before them such a right, the bill is not guaranteed”, – said the politician.

First, the ownership certificate, then move

The MP informed that in the wording of the text of the bill a second reading there is a fixed rule that the first person will receive a certificate of ownership for new housing, and only then will the proposed relocation.

“Clearly will be written rule that it is not permitted the eviction of the owner of the property without obtaining a certificate of ownership for new housing,” said Zharkov.

“First new home, and then leave, please move out of the old”, – he explained. According to Zharkova, this innovation guarantees the residents that they in any case will not remain without a home.

Guarantees to owners of non-residential premises

The MP also said that the owners of non-residential premises, located in buildings included in the renovation programme, will receive an equivalent square.

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“For real estate established the principle of equal placement with the right to damages related to the transfer of business. This is very important,” – said the Deputy.

According to him, many entrepreneurs wonder what will happen to their business.

“Amendment for damages related to the transfer of business, will be included for the second reading,” – said Zharkov, adding that the relevant rules are enshrined in the Civil code of the Russian Federation.

The transfer of all rights from the old to the new housing

According to the Deputy, the rights of the owner of housing that will be demolished, will move to a new apartment. This rule applies, including mortgages.

“The bill for the second reading will clearly state that new housing acquires all rights, including mortgages, pledges, donation, that is, all rights relating to the old housing, which is provided in the Constitution and the Civil code”, – said the Deputy.

A vote by the people

According to the parliamentarian, not solved until the question of the form of voting of inhabitants of five-storey buildings that will be included in the renovation programme.

“The question, how will the vote take place: will be a part of this “Active citizen”, or it will be a private citizen or vote at the General meeting of owners, or by visiting the MFC and writing a handwritten statement,” – said the Deputy.

“This amendment is being discussed,” he said.

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