MSN: Scientists said it is okay to take a shower before bed

Studies have shown that the shower is able to stimulate mental activity and enhance creativity, but the latest tests confirm the opinion that a hot shower before bedtime can also help sleep.

Dr. Diana Agelli of Medical
the sleep center at new York Presbyterian medical center Weill Cornell spent
studies that confirm the necessity of taking a bath or shower before
sleep. The main conclusion made at the end, is that shower,
taken before bedtime, helps the human body to cool down and relax.

The main feature of the right
taking a shower is time.

“To warm up just before
sleep is not necessary, says Dr. Augelli. – Chilling is a signal which indicates
that we should go to sleep.”

The best time to
taking a shower – over 90 before bedtime. By the time the body can adjust its
circadian rhythms – signals that distribute the sensations of alertness and sleepiness .
Immediately after a shower the body is heated and a person feels more alert,
active and possibly creative, but over time the body begins to cool and
the body feels the need to rest. In addition, 90 minutes later, the body
completely dry and the cushions are not wet.

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According to MSN –
the translated version of “Russian conversation”

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