Naked Volochkova once again shocked users of the social network

A ballerina is re-published the photo, which depicts a Nude, causing dissatisfaction among the subscribers.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Perhaps Volochkova, can be called celebrity, which is often emblazoned on the images or in skimpy clothes, or even without it. Anastasia has no complexes with regards to its shape, so does not hesitate to demonstrate it.

Today, the dancer decided to show the fans how they spend their morning. Volochkova posted a photograph in bed. It is worth noting that Anastasia completely naked and covers his form with a warm blanket. In the hand of a celebrity holding a large mug, a little like beer.

Anastasia said that woke up very early and waited for the moment when it’s time to see my daughter Ariadne to school.

Users of social networks criticized the . Some condemned the dancer that she once again attracts the attention of the naked body. Others wondered why escort his daughter to school, while being naked. Some were interested whether in the circle Volochkova tea or in the morning she decided to drink alcohol.

The ballerina has not yet answered any of the provocative questions or further charges.

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