NASA has published a video of the landing of the probe Huygens on Titan

Space Agency NASA announced on the website a video in which was shown the landing of the Huygens side of the apparatus, taken as it is landing on Saturn’s moon Titan. Even back in 2005, the space probe was delivered to Saturn in the Cassini mission. Moreover, Huygens was the first man-made machine, which landed on an object from outside the Solar system. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Despite the fact that
the probe was only a few minutes to transfer data during the descent until
Cassini sunset over the horizon, the unit managed to pass pictures of mountainous
landscape Titanium, deep gorges and crossed channels on its surface.

As noted NASA employees,
at space center appeared evidence of the flow of liquid

Previously, the unit Cassini captured on video, how to form and evaporate clouds on Titan .

The spacecraft Cassini was able to remove the unusual cloud formation on Titan, which fly over the surface of the satellite, and then suddenly disappear. A similar cycle on a space object lasts for about 20 minutes. That is, clouds within 20 minutes are formed, and then abruptly evaporate.

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