NASA released photos of the snow caps on Mars that are visible even from the Ground

In the space Agency NASA released a stunning photograph, which was obtained by space satellite Mars Global Surveyor. On the photos you can see the stunning effect of the melting of carbon-dioxide caps on Mars. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Data snow caps
reach such impressive sizes that they can sometimes be seen from Earth
with the help of telescopes. The changing seasons on the red planet accompanied by
changes such caps.

As established
the researchers, the biggest cap is located on the perimeter of the Northern part
planets having a size of about 1.5 thousand kilometers. In turn, South
latitudes has a 400-kilometer hat.

Earlier in the scientific world cannot explain the phenomenon of the mysterious circle in the ice of Mars.

Abnormal may
not to be the result of activities of representatives of a certain extraterrestrial
civilization . According to ufologists, interplanetary station was able to capture
unknown to science detail the surface of Mars, however, this crater has changed
the surface of the planet beyond recognition.

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