NASA showed a photo of the approaching asteroid

Photo: NASA

It is expected that as close as possible to the Earth he comes in the night on April 20.

NASA released the first pictures of the large asteroid 2014 JO25 that upcoming night are as close as possible to the Ground. According to the publication The Telegraph, the asteroid sopostavit with Gibraltar rock height of 426 meters.

It is reported that this asteroid originated in the collision of smaller asteroids, which explains its shape, consisting of two easily distinguishable parts.

The diameter of the larger part is 620 meters, at that time, as the dimensions of second, scientists have not yet calculated.

According to the astronomers, over the last 400 years of the space object for the first time, will fly from the Earth at such a close distance – a 1.77 million km.

Heavenly body will be visible with the space telescope. Additionally, the movement of the asteroid will show in real time the website of the Observatory Slooh .


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