Natasha Shelkova from “Ranetok” admitted that he misses former colleagues

Former member of the popular staff told how she lived after the band’s breakup.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the information portal Life.

Once “Ranetki” was incredibly popular, especially among teenagers. Probably, there was not one girl who didn’t know at least a few songs of the band. The members of the band often toured and starred in the eponymous TV series. However, after some time after take-off career “Ranetki” disintegrated.

The reporters interviewed one of the former band members, Natasha Shchelkovo. She is now married to ex-producer of “Ranetki” Sergei, Melnichenko and has two daughters. Almost all the free time Natasha is focusing on the family, but admits that she really miss the old life and communication with former colleagues.

According to Shchelkovo, she rarely talks to other girls . All now busy with their lives: some are raising children, others take the time career. It should be noted that Lena, Lera, Eugene and Anya also was not against dialogue, but they’re nearly impossible to see.

Natasha added that he misses the atmosphere that was present during regular performances and tours. The girl yet does not think about his return to show business, although sometimes writes songs.

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