Navalny: Putin’s Chef has created the largest cartel

Photo: video screenshot Navalny published a new investigation

Alexei Navalny published a new investigation into the billions of transactions.

Russian opposition leader released a new investigation that is about a close circle of the President of the Russian Federation.

“We did it a year and a half and proud to report to you that have shown, proved and filed an antitrust case about the cartel organized by Yevgeny Prigozhin, thereby “chef Putin,” Navalny writes to the video description.

According to Navalny, the documents to prove managed 23 billion. In total there has been more than 180 billion rubles.

“This is the largest cartel of all considered in Russia segodnaya moment. Through the cartel chef Putin received public contracts worth 23 billion rubles and a fair amount of these money is simply stolen,” – says Bulk.

Also the opposition claims that on Monday, the Antimonopoly service must make a decision on the cartel.

“It is likely that the FAS will be frightened, will merge and will greatly soften the decision. Withdraw from under the fine principal firms Prigogine or something. In recent years, alas, shows that there are only conversations and a lot of threats, but as it concerns people close to Putin, from minimal fines or it all goes down on brakes” – adds Bulk.

Earlier, Navalny published a report “you do not Dimon” after which in Russia have passed protest actions.

In Russia opened a case of assault on Navalny

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