NBU capitalize the “payment center” 53, 6 million UAH

PJSC “Settlement center for servicing contracts in financial markets” (EC, Kyiv) has increased its authorized capital by 53.6 million, or 35%, to 206,7 million UAH by additional issue of shares, which was purchased by the national Bank of Ukraine.

“Increase of the share capital of the Bank was due to additional contributions to the NBU, as a result, his share in the authorized capital of the Bank increased to 83,5491%”, – said the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine” the National Bank of Ukraine.

To increase the share capital, the share of the NBU amounted to 77,7897%.

In addition, the state Ukreximbank, Oschadbank and Ukrgasbank owned respectively 4,3305%, 4,3305% 4,3501% and the controlled group “SCM” Bank FUIB 3,7557% .

As reported, on 14 October 2013 entered into force the law on the Depository system, which provided for the separation of clearing and settlement and Depository functions of accounting, previously shared commercial Depository AUSD and its competitor – the state-controlled Natsdepozitariya of Ukraine (NDU). A single Central securities Depository has been created on the basis of NDU, although he conceded AUSD to volumes of serviced assets.

In part Settlement center law has established that in the first stage, the main shareholder of this structure, created in the form of JSC with a share capital of at least UAH 100 million, is a national Bank whose share should be 75%, but later, in five years, it may decrease up to 25%+1 share. Other shareholders may be professional securities market participants and international Depository and clearing institution.

The national Bank decided to create a RTS on the basis of the AUSD. The share of the NBU in the RTS amounted to 77,7897%, and in NDU to 25% of the shares. In addition, major shareholders Natsdepozitariya are state – 25%, pension Fund of the NBU – 10,979%, the state Oschadbank and Ukreximbank, respectively 25% minus 1 share and 9,98%.

At the end of June 2017, the NBU said it expects failure RTS from banking license and maintaining Bank accounts of market participants. The national Bank believes that instead, the RTS will provide analytical accounting of the funds are deposited. for making payments.

Signed at the same time the NBU and the National Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR) a Memorandum of understanding on cooperation in infrastructure development of capital markets in Ukraine provides for the allocation of clearing operations as a separate species and the elimination of the monopoly of RTS.

The Memorandum provides for the transformation of RTS from a banking institution to a specialized financial institution instead of conducting the Bank calculations of participants of operations with securities of RTS is to play the role of “lightweight Central counterparty” (CCP light) and will be the Central counterparty to ensure clearing and settlement using a preliminary depositing of assets and with the gradual introduction of partial funding and settlement on T + N.

Among other plans, enshrined in the Memorandum is the creation of functional, technological and regulatory prerequisites for the consolidation of existing depositories: the NDU and the Depository of government securities of the NBU, as well as gradual retirement of national Bank and the securities Commission of the capital RTS and the NDU.

As said the Deputy head of the national Bank Oleg Churiy, “option A” is the exchange of the Central Bank of its stake in RTS on additional issue of shares of the NDU and in the future, the transfer of shares of noncontrolling interest in the management of the Ministry of Finance.

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