NCSSM recommends that the merchants and the AMC to reconsider the level of risk customers

The national Commission on securities and stock market (NKTSBFR) recommends that the entities of initial financial monitoring – dealers and securities companies asset management (AMC) to review the level of counterparty risk.

According to a press release from the securities Commission of the relevant recommendations approved by the regulator on 12 January 2017 .

The national Commission recommends in particular that the specified entities of initial financial monitoring to set the “high” level of risk the following customers: issuers of securities, which in the past two years has not been placed in the information disclosure system NSSMC regular annual information; issuers of securities of joint investment institutions (in the case of a public offering) for which there is no information in the information disclosure system NSSMC over the past two years; issuers who stopped the circulation of securities on any stock exchange or stopped making changes to the system of Depository accounting of their securities; issuers of securities in respect of which the information is available on the official website of SCS on the drafting of the act of absence at the location; persons who deal in securities of issuers that fall under all of the previous points; those that are in the process of service do not provide the full amount of information required to conduct a risk assessment of the client; entities-nonresidents, which have a place of registration (location) in the country-aggressor.

As noted by the national Commission, appropriate recommendations aimed at further precautions in relation to certain transactions and customers that may carry out questionable financial transactions that do not have obvious economic sense.

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