Network video stirred up a poltergeist in the apartment, from which goosebumps

On Youtube recently there was a movie with home cameras, which recorded the Ghost.

Supernatural forces haunt the family and otherwise scaring the child reports, “Russian conversation”.

So, next to a little girl “alive” rag doll, and in the living room of the house begin spontaneously to move heavy objects. Suddenly begin to listingsa page of the book.

The author of the video — the father of the child. He posted the video on the Network, without specifying where his family lives.

Some users treat video as a fake — I believe that the frames are mounted. Others feel the horror.

We will add that in less than a day the video had been viewed more than 190,000 people.

Previously, “Russian Dialogue,” reported Queen Silvia of Sweden said that in the Palace Drottingholm inhabited by good ghosts. As you know, the representative of royalty took part in the filming of the documentary .

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