New discovery on Mars: UFO spotted an old cash register

On Mars ufologists found an old cash register the last century. About this sensational discovery was announced, a group of British ufologists. Amazing photos were taken by the Mars Curiosity Rover in August 2016. On it informs edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Mysterious object
caught in the frame, was recognized by many users as a cash register
the old model, or like a typewriter times of the SECOND World war. What all
users of social networks are one, so is the extraterrestrial origin of the mysterious

As usual, the staff
space Agency NASA tried to slightly blur the images to be the worst

Earlier in the scientific world took a picture of the raindrops on Mars.

The situation with the rain beginning
to change when the atmosphere of the red planet began to lose its original
density . To calculate the rate of change, the researchers came to the earth
methods, where the erosion effect of rain has a significant impact on
agriculture and the economy.

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