New possible terrorist attack in London – the car drove into a crowd of Muslims


LONDON, June 19. /TASS/. One person was killed and ten were injured as a result of the collision of a car into pedestrians in northeast London.

June 19, around 00:20 (02:20 GMT), a white van drove into a crowd of people, many of whom were Muslims, who were returning from a night of prayer in the heart of Finsbury Park. The driver of the car detained, and on Monday the incident will be the subject of consideration at a meeting of the special Cabinet Committee COBRA (“Cobra”), under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Theresa may.

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Hitting the van a crowd in London. Chronicle of events

The incident is regarded as a possible terrorist attack, but even if this version is not confirmed, the night’s events show how highly charged the atmosphere in the British capital, which does not come from a succession of terrorist attacks and emergency incidents .

Information about the automobile on people appeared around 01:00 (03:00 GMT), and throughout the night, the witnesses brought all the new details of the incident, not all of which, however, was confirmed. So, the witnesses had seen in the cab of the van, three men and pointed to the fact that the two of them managed to escape. It also talked about the knife wounds allegedly inflicted on the people behind the crackdown on pedestrians. Some clarity emerged only after Scotland Yard issued a statement to the press.

“One person died on the spot. Eight who were injured in the incident, was taken to three different hospitals; two more wounded assistance was provided directly at the place of incident”, – stated in the message of the Metropolitan police.

Scotland Yard also informed that the perpetrators of the attack as a precaution was sent to the hospital, but after examination he will be remanded in custody. At the appropriate time will be made a conclusion about his mental health. “The investigation into the incident involved a counter-terrorism unit,” – said the Metropolitan police.

Possible terrorist attack

According to Scotland Yard, at the current stage of the investigation until it was revealed that the crime near the mosque might have against anybody else except the arrested driver of the van. However, as has been said, the Metropolitan police continues to investigate the matter.

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Hitting the van a crowd in London

© Yui Mok/PA via AP

In the incident in the North-East of London killed one person

Media: as a result of the collision of a car into people in London may have killed two people

Hitting the van a crowd in London. Chronicle of events

In London the van ran into a crowd of people

At the same time the police denied reports that after the crackdown on people in the course was put melee weapons. “At this stage there is no evidence that any of the people received stab wounds,” – said in a communique.

That we can talk about a possible terrorist attack, said may. “The police confirmed that this (incident approx. TASS) is regarded as a possible terrorist attack,” – said in a statement the head of the government released by her office. “All my thoughts are about the victims, their families, and services for emergency, located at the scene,” – said the head of the Cabinet.

The reaction of the Muslim Council

The Muslim Council of Britain said the incident is a manifestation of Islamophobia.

“Over the past weeks and months, the Muslims had to endure many incidents of Islamophobia, and the current – its most blatant manifestation,” – said the Secretary General Harun Khan. He described the incident as a terrorist attack and condemned the incident.

According to eyewitnesses, and judging from the video, “it looks like a white man in the van deliberately crashed into a crowd of believers”, says the communiqué of the Council.

The Times newspaper cited the opinion of a direct witness of the incident Abdurrahman Saleh Alamoudi, who, along with two friends tackled the gunman to the ground and held him for 20 minutes until it passed into the hands of arriving police. According to him, the car, which was the culprit, knocked down people in the moment when they began to gather near the fallen to the land of man. According to Alamoudi, the attacker managed to disarm after he started beating people and shouting: “I’m going to kill all Muslims.”

The time and place of the attack

The time and place selected for the attack on followers of Islam, can be non-random. At the moment, Muslims celebrate the Holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the Islamic calendar (this year from 26 may to 24 June). During this period it is customary to observe a strict fast and devote significant time to prayer, especially at night, because in Islam they are considered a sign of piety.

As for places to attack, it is close to the mosque in Finsbury Park, which unites the community of Sunni Salafists, which is often attributed to fundamentalists. Moreover, for a sufficiently long period, from 1997 to 2004 – the Imam of this mosque was radical preacher Abu Hamza al-Masri, accused of having links with a terrorist network “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia). In 2004, he was arrested, and two years later sentenced to seven years in prison for disseminating terrorist propaganda, incitement to violence, incitement to racial hatred. In 2011, the term of imprisonment has expired, however, he was kept in prison, as the extradition of the preacher demanded of the US government.

He was charged with conspiracy to organize training camps for militants in Oregon and complicity in the seizure of 16 hostages in Yemen in 1998. The American justice sentenced Abu-Hamza to life in prison. Being a supporter of radical Islamism in the late 1980s he went to Afghanistan to participate in hostilities against the Soviet troops.

A series of terrorist attacks

The current incident was the third trial for the London services provide emergency assistance in the current month after the terrorist attack on London bridge and neighbouring borough market, which was committed on the night of June 4, and claimed the lives of eight people, and a fire in high-rise residential building Grenfell Tower, which killed at least 58 people. If confirmed, the attack at the mosque in Finsbury Park was a terrorist attack, it will be the fourth such case, implemented in the UK and third in London for the last three months.

The first attack was made in the Westminster government district of London, March 22. Then the car, at the wheel which was a 52-year-old terrorist Khalid Masood, was shot down passersby and three police officers on Westminster bridge. The driver ditched the car near the building of the British Parliament, and then with a knife attacked a policeman in plain clothes, guarding the entrance to the Palace of Westminster, and attempted to enter the House of Commons. The guards shot the attacker, as a result of actions which killed five and injured dozens of people.

The second crime was the explosion at the indoor stadium “Manchester-arena”, which occurred late on may 22 immediately after the concert by American singer Ariana Grande. The explosive device, powered by a 22-year-old suicide bomber, Salman Abedi worked outside the concert hall – in the foyer. Victims of this attack were 22 participants, 75 were injured.

The third attack was the attack on the night of the 4th of July. Then three terrorists in the car made arrival on pedestrians in the London bridge area. Then they drove to borough market, where he got out of the car and with knives attacked passers-by. The terrorists were liquidated by the police, but the attack killed eight people.

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