NYT: the idea of preparing a dossier for trump came from Republicans

Donald Trump

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NEW YORK, January 13. /TASS/. To prepare the dossier to the President-elect of Donald trump was carried out from 2015 to order supporters of the Republican party, who spoke with sharp criticism in its address. According to the newspaper The New York Times, a request to collect data on scandals trump, as well as his weaknesses, was originally obtained by Fusion of GPS, led by Glenn Simpson, a former journalist of the newspaper the Wall Street Journal. Only later to work on the dossier was connected to a former agent of British intelligence Christopher Steele, which brought together the acclaimed “dirt” on trump .

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Continues as The New York Times, after it became clear that trump is the most likely candidate for nomination as a candidate for the presidency, the Republicans stopped the funding of Fusion GPS, but the initiative was immediately seized by democratic supporters of Hillary Clinton. As a result, the team of Simpson continued to work on finding compromising information is only changed by the customer. Steele was hired for further information gathering in June last year, shortly after the scandal burglary of the National Committee of Democrats (NCDP), which Washington attributed to Russian hackers, and the publication of documents NCDP burglar nicknamed Guccifer 2.0.

The New York Times writes that the later part of the information obtained Steele, was interested in how the British secret service and the Federal intelligence Agency (FBI) of the United States. It, probably, was subsequently included in the marked data secreting in the course of which, according to CNN, trump informed about alleged Russian special services have data of a personal and financial nature, defamatory elected President of the United States.

Who is Christopher Steele?

As reported earlier by The Wall Street Journal, on Style, it is known that he in the 1990s had the job done in Paris and Moscow, and after retirement in 2000-ies was part of the British foreign Ministry, he worked in Brussels and new Delhi. Subsequently he, along with Christopher Burroughs headed the London company Orbis Business Intelligence Ltd, staffed mainly by former British intelligence officers. This organization was founded in 2009 and as set out on its website information is based on data and opinions from a global network of experts and prominent entrepreneurs, holds a “collection of intelligence” and “difficult, often cross-border investigations”.

The Wall Street Journal found that 52-year-old Steele, who worked for foreign intelligence MI-6, last Wednesday with things left his home in the English County of Surrey, and fled to avoid media attention. Earlier it was reported that he had just gone away for a few days to wait for the scandal in the United States to settle. According to the newspaper, former intelligence officer currently, the “long underground”.

A dubious publication

Broadcaster, СNNво Tuesday, citing information supposedly received from US officials, reported that last week spacefire in new York, the leaders of the American intelligence briefed trump with the alleged evidence of the presence of the Russian special services information, discrediting the elected American President.

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According to CNN, during a briefing of the elected President tried to convince that Moscow was collecting incriminating data on the members of the two leading political parties of the United States, however, deliberately made public only with regard to Democrat, former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton. In addition, according to the sources television, trump once again tried to convince that person of his entourage during the election campaign was in contact with intermediaries of the Kremlin. In this context, mentioned a kind of secret meeting in Prague with the participation of one of the trusted trump’s attorney Michael Cohen.

The President-elect called the subject of the dossier and publications “fraud and a total political witch hunt”. Billionaire posted on his Twitter a publication of Cohen, who said he “had never been to Prague,” and therefore could not participate in a secret meeting with some Russian brokers. According to Cohen, at the time he actually celebrated his 50th anniversary with his wife and son in Los Angeles (California). Proof was presented the passport of the lawyer who says leaving the US and crossing borders of the Czech Republic.

The President elect also said that with respect to Moscow’s statement about the absence in Russia of compromising it. Trump expressed confidence that, if the Federation and was discrediting his information, it would have received publicity.

Earlier, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov has denied allegations that Russia supposedly has dirt on American politicians. He also denied the presence of Russian leadership damaging information on Hillary Clinton.

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