Obama advises not to email important data to avoid leaks to the media

President Barack Obama said that does not forward e-mail information if it has reason not to wish their publication in the media.

“My General rule about email is: don’t send data if you would not like to see their publication in Newspapers”, – he told in interview to TV channel EN-Bi-si.

In his view, cybersecurity is an extremely important topic, experts in the fight against the hackers is not yet keeping up with them.

“Not only are countries like Russia and China, but not relevant to the States parties are able at small expense to infiltrate the heart of our society. And this ability is developing faster than our ability to resist hackers,” he said.

Obama believes that the United States suffer from cyber attacks more than other countries, since increasingly using the cyberspace.

“Our problem is that we are more vulnerable because we are more active than others used cybertechnology”, – said the President of the United States.

The use of email by officials in the United States has become particularly relevant during the recent election campaign: who won the election, Donald trump has regularly accused his rival Hillary Clinton in unprotected properly of private e-mail for shipment of classified documents during his tenure as Secretary of state. In addition, hackers last year attacked the servers of the Democratic national Committee, which had access to the letters, which were subsequently transferred to media. In these attacks, the US government accused Russia.

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