Obama upheld a series of sanctions against Iran

WASHINGTON, January 14. /Offset. TASS Anatoly Bochinin/. President Barack Obama has decided to keep the number of sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran and Libya, and also upheld restrictions on officials of the Zimbabwe and Venezuela. This was reported by press service of the White house.

Sanctions against Iran

Obama made the decision to keep the number of sanctions imposed by Washington against Iran. In documents distributed by the administration of the American leader, it is noted that, although Tehran and holds prisoner in Vienna in 2015 the agreement on the peaceful nature of its nuclear programme, other actions Iran still “pose a threat to national security and foreign policy” of the United States .

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Obama recalled that on 16 January 2016, the IAEA has confirmed Iran’s compliance with the Joint comprehensive plan of action. This was the reason for lifting the us sanctions imposed in connection with the nuclear activities of Tehran. However, as Obama said, the US is not going to put up with the program of ballistic missiles, human rights violations in Iran. In addition, the United States accused Iran of supporting terrorist groups.


In a letter sent on Friday to leaders of Congress, Obama claims that this situation has not changed, therefore he thinks it is necessary “to keep the comprehensive sanctions directed against threats from Iran.”

Restrictions against Libya

Obama extended a state of emergency in relations with Libya and left in force indefinitely American sanctions against family members and members of the deposed government of Muammar Gaddafi.

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“The situation in Libya continues to pose an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States”, – stated in the message of Obama to the leaders of the Senate and house of representatives.

It notes that all restrictions on contacts with that country and imposed sanctions against it will act as before. The US President reminded that a state of emergency in relations with Libya was announced in February 2011.

Venezuela and Zimbabwe

Washington has also decided to extend the sanctions regime against members of the Venezuelan government in connection with the “human rights violations” in the country. In the notice of the head of state addressed to the leaders of Congress, in particular, points to the “persecution of political opponents, the freedom of the press, the use of violence” on the part of Venezuelan authorities. The validity of the restrictions was to be completed on 8 March 2017.

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Earlier, Washington imposed sanctions against seven officials of Venezuela. In the black list got one of the commanders of the army of Antonio Benavides Torres, the head of intelligence, Gustavo gonzález lópez, President of the state Corporation “Guyana” Justo Noguera, Pietri, head of the national police Manuel pérez Urdaneta, chief inspector of the armed forces Miguel vivas Landino, as well as the Prosecutor 20th district of the country Katherine Nayarit arington the Padron and the commander of the 31st armored brigade, Manuel Bernal martínez. All their property and accounts in the United States, if any, were subject to freezing. In addition, US citizens were forbidden to join list of persons involved in any business relationship.

In addition, on Friday, the White house announced the continuation of sanctions imposed earlier against members of the government of Zimbabwe, which, according to the United States, also undermined the country’s democratic process.

Sanctions against terrorists in the middle East

In addition, the President of the United States, whose term of office expires on January 20, upheld the sanctions regime against the terrorists who undermine the peace process in the middle East.

“I made the decision to extend emergency (sanctions) regime with respect to foreign terrorists who threaten to disrupt the peace process in the middle East,” – said, in particular, Obama’s letter to leaders of the Senate and house of representatives of the United States.

In it, he clarifies that this involves “the maintenance in effect of sanctions.”

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