Obama’s parting advice to Americans not to become victims “of Russian and Chinese hackers”

Barack Obama gave his fellow citizens valuable advice on how not to repeat the negative experience of Hillary Clinton, which led to correspondence and send important files through an unsecured e-mail Inbox.

According to “Russian conversation”, according to Obama’s cybersecurity is very important for the United States as professionals to counter the activities of hackers yet do not have time for them, sad as it may sound.

“My General rule about email is: don’t send data if you would not like to see their publication in the Newspapers. Not only countries like Russia and China, but not relevant to the States parties are able at small expense to infiltrate the heart of our society. And this ability is developing faster than our ability to resist hackers” – said the former head of the White house .

Obama has urged citizens not to send important papers via email, if they don’t want to make it available to the public.

He called the main problem of the vulnerability of the United States. According to Obama, the active use of the latest cyber technology makes the country more vulnerable.

Recall that the use of electroni mail and forwarding the important information was the subject of pre-election scandal in the United States. So, trump, who became the winner of the race systematically accused his opponent, Clinton is that she allegedly used unsecured email to send important state information.

The incident of the attack on the server of the democratic party, the Obama administration accused Russia, but the evidence was not provided.

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