Old New year 2017: lovely SMS greetings in verse

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Beautiful poems and greetings about the New year is 2017.

Two weeks passed —

Hello again, New year!

Just everything was finished-

Celebrates the people again.


Someone holds the liver

And in the morning, “Borjomi” drink,

But the 13th arrived,

The point in the evening — and here…


We raise their glasses

For luck, for love.

Happiness, joy, wish

And success again and again.


Money puffy bags

So you didn’t know adversity.

So not time for us to meet with you

The good old New year!

This Old New year

Wish again:

Let he happiness will bring

Are all healthy.


Let dreams come true

And Your wishes,

To life from all sides

Became more beautiful!


This Old New year

Let all famously spares,

Let the beaten path

Bring forth a little .


He let you sweep

All that the holiday goes:

Joy, happiness, and joy,

And excitement, and the mood.


Let him add a ladle of the forces

Peace to you friendly was

I don’t care,

To the nerves only grew stronger.


To profit grew

So the cold has brought

Only the courage to succeed.

You love, luck and laughter!

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Let the Old New year

You happiness will bring

Calm slightly.

Will point the right way,

Fulfill all your dreams,

Add beauty,

Shed love,

Health will drop into the blood.

And every moment and hour

Tries for you!

Here’s and Old New year —

Holiday, but on the contrary!

And still we say:

New year, new happiness!


Wish different benefits:

To live richly, too,

And goodness, and peace in the world

And smiles more broadly.


And in the hearts — love and happiness

Despite the inclement weather.

Let the magic happens,

To life a fairy tale was.

Olivier, feast, toasts,

Mummers walk in guests.

Deja vu? Maybe he didn’t.

Old New year, Hello!

Take a minute, friends

Congratulations from me:

With all my soul not to age,

Fun songs to sing.

Festive mood

You to the Baptism!

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New year too was celebrated,

Holiday we came again.

Over the New year, but old

And we let in the house!


May it brings happiness,

Peace, love and beauty,

Each the warmth of a smile

And, of course, kindness.


Let the magical snowflake

To you in hand come and

And, as in the tale of Christmas,

The world around you suddenly begin to Shine.


Old New year meet

Believe in the best always.

And sparkle and Shine —

A new year has come! Yay!

Ask the sky

For you I happiness.

Let it Shine

Bright and beautiful.


Let you Holy


Let any

Everything is going smoothly.


New year, though old,

Knocked to us.

We’ll put him

To our dear guests.


On the table let — a

But at heart — light,

The purse is not empty,

In the house let warm.

Comes the Old New year,

He has a lot of secrets to it.

You think about the past

Yes, forget about the bad.

Open soul happiness, light,

A better reason,and no,

Because the new coming year

It with a new sheet will begin.

Beautiful life you success

Joy, reasons to laugh.

We all have a holiday, he is a joy!

Let this old New year

You a lot of happiness will bring

Let the money piled bags

May good always be with you!


I wish all of fun, laughter,

Not know the problems and hassles!

In life, only success

To come true all your dreams!

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Happy holiday magic,

Happy New year again.

I wish you happiness

And love big!


Let everyone be what they want,

The sadness you leave behind.

With the New year, with a year Old!

To fulfill the dreams!

The old New year

I want to congratulate you,

Bring you a feast

Only vitality supply,

Raise the mood,

Fortune bestow,

Get rid of all adversity

And all the offense!

The house comes holiday —

This is the old New year.

New year prankster,

Twice feels chilly at the gate.

Again we meet him,

Looking forward to a new waiting.

You today congratulations

And wish in your house

Came happiness, joy.

And let the past year

Take the fatigue

And flow of all adversity.

New year dreams be fulfilled.

Congratulations! And let

The life he paints fill,

Will always banish sadness.

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