Olga Buzova brazenly lied to their fans

Leading “House-2” has appropriated someone else’s photo, giving her his.

This information is according to “Russian conversation”.

Buzova recently officially broke off relations with her husband, footballer Dmitry Tarasov. It is known that the ex-husband played for leading football club “Lokomotiv”. Olga said that, despite the divorce with the athlete continues to support the team, coming to games.

In his official profile on Instagram celebrity published a picture, which depicted the stadium. Buzova added that he was rooting for the players and your favorite team because they believe in them.

However, later it turned out that the leader has lied to the fans. In fact, Olga did not come to the match and the picture posted in her account made by the journalist Leonid Goldman. The latter, in turn, pointed to the fact that the star had just stolen his photo, appropriating .

Another journalist, Vasily Konov, also said about the lies of Olga in your account.

Despite comments from people who attended the match, the host said nothing. Probably Buzova became ashamed for cheating and she didn’t want to comment on the incident.

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