Olympic team of Russia on hockey will play in Eurovita with the team of Switzerland

Training the Olympic team of Russia on hockey

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FRIBOURG /Switzerland/, April 21. /Spec. Q. TASS Rustam Sharafutdinov/. Hockey Olympic team of Russia will hold on Friday and Saturday matches in the framework of Eurovita with the national team of Switzerland. The first game will take place on 21 April in Fribourg (21:15 GMT), and the second on April 22 (18:45 GMT) – in Biel.

It is noteworthy that the matches will take part at once three Russian players from the National hockey League (NHL), called to prepare for the world Cup. Switzerland should play defender Ivan Provorov and his teammate on the Philadelphia Roman Lyubimov and striker of the club “Tampa Bay” Vladislav Namestnikov.

Namestnikov did not expect

Ended the regular championship of NHL 20-year-old Provorov scored 30 points in his debut season , after the Phillies all 82 matches of the regular season. Specialists noted how well he acts as in a fight, and positional playing over and over in the majority and in the minority – Provorov could be one of the key players of the Russian team at the upcoming world championship.

Little differently had the season title with Namestnikov – the first in a series of matches were not involved and even went to the farm club. There was a recession and Namestnikova, but the striker failed to return to the good acting, mostly in conjunction with another national team player Nikita by Kucerova, who will join the national team on April 24. Visit Namestnikov was largely unexpected, so FHR as it initially did not cause, but did so on the recommendation of the head of the scout service team Alexei Zhamnov who came to the United States and Canada.

It should be noted that the possibility Lyubimova well known to the chief coach of Russia Oleg Znarka, given that the attacker, known only by their power struggle, spoke at last year’s world Championships in Moscow.

SKA while only Chudinov

In Switzerland came to most of those players who played in matches Evrovizija with the French in Chelyabinsk (0:1, 6:0). In addition to NHL players, joined them, and the defender SKA Maxim Chudinov, who did not play in the Gagarin Cup final. In Novogorsk left to prepare a number of players, including called from “Tampa” goalie Andrei Vasilevsky. The other players SKA along with the coaching staff of the national team will join the team after April 22.

Hotels in Switzerland Russian hockey players held a training session at the rink “BCF-Arena”. Provorov in the white sweater rolled in a pair with Ilya Lyubushkin, and Lyubimov, and the Governors – in combination with the other two forwards Vladimir Tkachev and Anatoly Golyshev.

The Swiss team is also preparing for the world Cup, where they will play in group b in Paris. In preparation for the Swiss in the framework of Eurovita twice played with the French guests, having won only once, but then twice beat out the Slovaks.

While the Swiss team of NHL players, only one player – the son of a Russian hockey player who played for Khimik in Switzerland, albert Malgin Denis Malgin, who plays in the NHL for Florida to me.

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