On Malaysian road in the middle of the highway sat the Ghost of a man with crossed legs – video

In the Malaysian capital videotaped a strange incident. So, on one of the roads, motorists often encounter in the dark sitting on the road the human figure. Many drivers think it is a real Ghost. Alleged comes from the world every time dwells in the Lotus position, sitting with legs crossed. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

At the moment the equipment
vehicles above the state wants the best, but still managed
to remove on video the sinister phantom in the video.

Including presented
below the entry, you can see how frightened motorist from backing out,
noticing on the road a strange figure in white.

The wound in Colombia on the global flood took video of the Ghost of the dead boy.

The operator scales and
slows down in the last few seconds of the shooting, to have the opportunity
consider the ghostly child. For several days the video has gained more than
half a million hits .

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