“Paradise” Andrei Konchalovsky received the main prize of Russian critics

In 19-th time in Moscow was awarded the National prize of the Guild of film critics of Russia, as well as the press, writing about the movie. Once she was called the “Golden Venom”, and in recent years is called the “White elephant”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Andrei Konchalovsky.

At a ceremony held in the cinema House, summed up the cinematic year of 2016, held under the auspices of the year of cinema.

The winner of last year, the Director and screenwriter Alexander Mindadze, then marked for the film “dear Hans, dear Peter” was awarded the main prize for best film the film “Paradise” by Andrei Konchalovsky. And competed with her in this category “Zoology” by Ivan Tverdovsky, Jr., “the Apprentice” by Kirill Serebrennikov, “the snowman” by Alexander Sokurov”.

“Elephants” “Paradise” also received best Director and cinematography (Alexander Simonov). This picture was the record for number of nominations, there were eight .

“Student” was noted for its music by Ilya Demutsky. A “Zoology” for acting Natalia Pavlenkova. But the best male role, like the role of the second plan, – actors Timothy Tribuntsev and Boris Kamorzin in the painting “the Monk and the demon” by Nikolai Dostal. This tape is marked and the script “White elephant” was awarded to Yury Arabova. Svetlana Bragarnik she was awarded for her supporting role in “the Pupil”. The best artist critics called Andrey Ponkratov, created with Director Alex Mizgireva Petersburg of the XIX century in “the Duelist”.

The debut marked “Collector” Alexey Krasovsky – in fact, the roles with Konstantin Khabensky in the main and only role. Prize “Event” was awarded the documentary filmmaker Vitaly Mansky of just two paintings – “the Sun”, shot in North Korea and “the Family”, telling about relatives of a Director living in Ukraine. Vitaly recently settled in Riga, where he sent his message with words of gratitude for the award.

Two “White elephant” for “Best animated film” got “the Cuckoo” Dina Velikovsky hurry for a reward from Berlin, and “To love” Igor Kovalev, the work on which was attended by the artist Dmitry malanichev, a long time working for the benefit of “the Simpsons” in Los Angeles. Best documentary critics deemed the band “Too free man” of Faith Krychev. The award is named after Myron Chernenko – the longtime head of the Guild of film critics, was awarded the St. Petersburg Director Karen Gevorgyan for the film “All our hope”, which starred real miners, although the picture of the game. Young critics have a “Voice” gave “the Student” by Kirill Serebrennikov.

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