Party “House-2” Ivan Barzakov got drunk and started crying during filming

One of the participants of the scandalous project was deeply moved at the sight of his friends.

Ivan recently after participating in the show “Dom-2. The island of love” decided to test himself in another TNT project, which is called “Wedding in a million”. It should be noted that shooting also underway in the Seychelles, according to “Russian conversation”.

Barsikow, recently made a proposal to Iryna Pinchuk, arrived on the show with Lisa Polygalova to build a relationship with her. However, the Roman parties were quickly cut short due to various reasons. In the end, Ivan is very upset by the breakup.

Member of the project after the alcohol started to cry in live. The young man said that he is trying to find love, but he had not yet obtained.

The remaining members immediately began to comfort Ivan and give him different advice. Many viewers believe Barsikow cried because it was too much alcohol .

Previously, “Russian Dialogue” reported that Gleb Zhemchugov answered questions with regards to the use of hard drugs.

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