Pasewalk on the Old New year: best wishes

Pasewalk and Pasewalk



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During the execution of Pasewalk home owners and the housing needs to sprinkle the grain

On the morning of 14 January, the Old New year, people visit each other and posevat. Traditionally posevat needs men, and during the execution of Pasewalk home owners and housing itself must sprinkle with grain. It symbolizes a good harvest. Now it is also customary to add to the grain, coins and candy to the owners lived in abundance.

So, so, POWAY,

S Novi rock vsih vitayu!

Dwellers happy you zhilosya,

Dwellers of Saumane sabulosa,

Dwellers Nikoli not hvori,

Dwellers nichogo not Bollo,

Dwellers have Pratsi all gorlo

That in kichen not Mello!

Dwellers, Yak flowers, VI CLI

One hundred years have lived!

Sisa, is born,

Corn, psenica,

Peas, chechevitsa,

I every pasnica,

Bottom Korenica,

Zverhu eared,

Dwellers on maibutne year

Bulo bilshe, than TORK .

Dwellers vsogo Bulo doval

I in color, and on the poli.

Sm you from your threshold

Dwellers always Bula you happy way!

Sm you from your Vance,

Dwellers always shone escravo sun!

Sm you for all Asel,

Dwellers always VI Buli in NY Veseli!

Sm, sm, posam,

S Novi Rock you WTM!

Sisa, is born a citizen psenica, every pashenitsa,

on Novyi Rik, dwellers better gave birth to the Yak TORK,

Konopl pid Stela, and the lion at Kolina,

Dwellers you Gresini head ball.

be zdorov s Novi rock.

Best Pasewalk and Pasewalk on the Old New year 2017Читать fully

Sm, sm, posam,

Happiness-Dol you bajam!

Have shchaslyvyi your hat,

Dwellers VI VSI Buli Bhagat,

Dwellers lay on stol

Alaniz Nepal,

Dwellers Boule you kovbasi,

Milk I fat, th m yaso,

I mlinc, I pirici,

I pohnert dumplings.

Dwellers Boule VI in tsiy Osel

I Maslov, I. Veseli!

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