Pentagon chief promises Russia the serious consequences of cyber attacks

Ashton Carter



Ashton Carter said that the Pentagon will seriously respond to the aggression of Russia against USA.

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter promised to continue the reaction of Washington to the attempts of hacking the Russians in the internal Affairs of the United States. He declared it in interview to TV channel CBS, which was released on Friday

“I think we have answered this aggression against the United States, but I would say that this is only the beginning. I think this is just the beginning, not the upper limit,” said Carter.

He said that he has in mind is the reaction of the American side in the Russian cyber attacks.

In response to the question, what tools America should be used in response, Carter said that it should be the entire available range. “Don’t limit yourself to Cyberathlete, and actually we haven’t done,” said the Minister.

He also noted that such actions will have a tangible effect, including President Putin himself . “If it changes his behavior or not, we cannot say. It is too early. We will see. But, of course, this should cause a noticeable effect,” – said the head of the Pentagon.

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