Pentagon chief: Russia’s actions violated international law and stability in Europe

The Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis on Thursday at a press conference in Brussels accused Russia of aggressive behaviour and violation of international stability.

“Aggressive actions by Russia violated international law and stability. We discussed in detail all the strategic situation of the Alliance,” he said at a press conference on Thursday on the results of the Ministerial meeting of NATO in Brussels.

“Many allies know that 2014 was the year that put the allies in the face of new realities. My message to the allies was simple: NATO was created for strategic need and must evolve into a new strategic reality. Our community of Nations is under threat, which comes from different sides,” – said the Pentagon chief, referring to the situation in the East of the Alliance, cyber attacks and international terrorism emanating from North Africa and the Middle East .

“Now I can say that I have little doubt about the fact that Russia interfered or tried to interfere in the election process of a number of democratic States,” said George.Mattis.

The head of Pentagon said that the USA consider it necessary to establish political cooperation with Russia. “We would like to cooperate with Russia politically, but we wouldn’t want to interact with it in military terms,” he said.

“First, Russia will have to prove that she can be trusted to keep promises made to NATO,” he said.

“Our allies will continue to lead the conversation and try to find a compromise and discuss how to make Russia fulfill its commitments and returned to cooperation with NATO,” Bush added.Mattis.

“Russia should live in accordance with international law”, – he stated.

Earlier, us intelligence agencies issued a report on the intervention of Russia in election campaign in the USA using the hacking of computer sites Russian hackers. Later, some American media was published the information about the alleged presence of Russian compromising materials to the President-elect of Donald trump.

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