Pentagon: Russia has relied on the threat of limited use of nuclear weapons


WASHINGTON, January 13. /TASS/. Russia has made in the strategy to ensure its national security the wrong bet on the threat of limited use of nuclear weapons. It is stated in the draft new US nuclear doctrine, declassified version of which was published on Friday.

Insights from the American side

“The greatest concern is the policy, strategy and national security doctrine of Russia, including the emphasis on the threat of limited nuclear escalation, and the continued development and deployment [Moscow] an increasingly wide range of different nuclear weapons. Moscow threatened by a limited first use of nuclear weapons, suggesting the idea of a mistaken calculation that the nuclear threat or limited use [of nuclear warheads] first able to paralyze the US and NATO and, thus, to complete the [potential] conflict on terms favorable for Russia. Some in the US call it a Russian doctrine “of escalation for the sake of de-escalation” . De-escalation in this sense stems from incorrect assumptions of Moscow of Western capitulation on favorable terms,” – the document says.

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From the point of view of its authors, the US administration should now ensure that “the Russian government did not make miscalculation regarding the consequences of limited first use of nuclear weapons – either regional, or against the United States”. “Russia must understand that the first use of nuclear weapons, no matter how limited it may be, will not reach the objectives will fundamentally change the nature of the conflict and would entail incalculable and unbearable costs for Moscow. The American deterrent capability, focused on Russia, therefore, will be able under any circumstances to keep under the threat of all that is most valuable for the Russian leadership”, – reads the draft doctrine published by the Huffington Post.

Advantages Of Russia

The drafters of the document also claims that Russia has “significant advantages” over the United States and its allies in the production of strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, is actively modernizing its nuclear Arsenal and creates a “new nuclear warheads and launchers”. In this regard, it is alleged, in particular, that Russia is developing “at least two” Intercontinental ballistic missile, a hypersonic nuclear warhead, “new Intercontinental Autonomous underwater nuclear torpedo” and is designing a new interceptor for its missile defense system.

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The Ministry of defense did not deny the authenticity of the Huffington Post published the document. Only a few hours after its publication, the us military issued a brief written statement in which he said that the development of a new version of the doctrine is “not completed”. The document still needs to be studied and approved by the President of the United States Donald trump and Minister of defense James Mattis, said the Pentagon. In this case the U.S. Department of defense indicated that, in accordance with its policy, it does not discuss publicly and did not comment on the “draft policies and related”.

A decree on the preparation of the new nuclear doctrine trump gave on 27 January last year. Unclassified version of the document is 64 pages. It is supposed that the doctrine be officially released in late January or early February.

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