Pharmaceutical company MSD is planning by the end of April to supply Ukraine with the first immunoanalysis drug

American pharmaceutical company MSD, known as Merck&Co in the US and Canada, plans before the end of April to supply Ukraine with the first immunoanalysis drug.

As announced at a press conference in Kyiv on Thursday, the head of the Department of innovative medicines, MSD Ukraine Margarita, Ognovenko, this immunoanalysis the drug was registered in the United States in 2013, in Ukraine in October 2016.

“We very much hope that at the end of April this drug is already available in Ukraine,” she said.

M. Ognovenko reported that immunoanalytical drugs is the latest technology in the treatment of cancer, and these drugs show high efficacy for the treatment of advanced stages of cancer, in particular inoperable or metastatic melanoma and widespread non-small cell lung cancer.

According to M. Ugnivenko, the drug was registered in Ukraine under the simplified procedure.

At the same time, she noted the high cost of drug treatment. So in the market of Ukraine the drug will be available in bottles 100 mg each bottle costs about $4 thousand with the necessary one the introduction of two vials.

Thus, according to M. Ugnivenko, “currently there is no data exactly when to stop treatment”.

“Research still pass (the drug was registered in 2013 – Interfax), but there are results showing that even a few doses allow the body to fight the malignant tumor. So there is no exact answer whether it is possible to stop after the introduction of five or ten injections. There are results and studies that show that even withdrawal of the drug does not stop the process (suppression of the tumor – if),” she said.

However, M. Ognovenko reported that the high cost of the drug questioning its inclusion in the nomenclature of procurement for the state budget funds, however, MSD Ukraine “is ready to dialogue with government to increase access to a larger number of patients to this therapy.” In particular, the company is ready to consider the possibility of free diagnosis for patients with end-stage small cell lung cancer.

“It is clear that with such high cost it is a drug that eats the budget. We are considering software use this product in order to ensure, even to a small number, but for the budget. That is, the company will consider the possibility of granting special access program, which will allow the state to provide them even for a short number, a limited number of patients,” she said.

The drug will be available in specialized pharmacies in each region of Ukraine.

M. Ognovenko also stressed that “the price of the drug in Ukraine is lower than in Europe and in neighbouring countries, including in Russia.”

“Ukraine is classified as a country with low and middle income, so the company is considering special prices”, – she said, responding to a question about the company’s decision to reduce the price of the drug to Ukraine.

She also stressed that the drug is innovative and is under patent protection, so “in the next ten years at least production of generics will not.”

In turn, the chief specialist of the Ministry of health on specialty “Oncology” Alexei Kovalev noted that cancer immunotherapy is actively developing along with chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

“Therapeutic effect is not cancer cell and its microenvironment, immune cells surrounding the tumor may lead to a new solution and new results. The prospects of immunotherapy of cancer is very large. Today we turn not to a new Chapter in cancer treatment, and begin a new book,” he said.

MSD is one of the leading international companies in the field of health. MSD trademark owned by Merck & Co., Inc. with headquarters in Kenilworth, new Jersey, USA. The portfolio of MSD facilities for the treatment and prevention of cancer, diabetes, hepatitis C, HIV and other infectious diseases, autoimmune inflammatory diseases, respiratory diseases, diseases of the circulatory system, and others.

MSD in Ukraine is represented by LLC “MSD Ukraine”. Drugs MSD available in the market of Ukraine already for 25 years.

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