Photo of a Ghost in Spanish town hall provoked a national scandal

Spain sparked a genuine political scandal because photographed in the town hall the Ghost of a little girl. The incident occurred recently in the city of Vegas-del-Genil province of Granada. None of the residents were not even aware that such a harmless picture becomes a pretext for a showdown between officials used to throw at each other with loud accusations for any occasion. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

This photograph was
made quite by accident one of the officers. Himself an eyewitness of the incident, not
I can not really tell why he photographed the dark corridor. Viewing
subsequently received the official was surprised to find it pale
silhouette of a little girl in a long dress, standing near the tables with the cooler .

Published photographic material
caused an unprecedented boom in social networks, prompting local residents to demand
officials have a clear explanation of such incident.

Earlier, the Australian, making family photos and noticed the Ghost of his deceased baby.

rizrak baby was head over to the sister of the late Jeremy
eight Tiles, radiating a strange glow. Australian citizen believes that
it was her late son watching his sister.

Despite all the statements
about insanity the Australian, she strongly believes in his innocence.

Earlier in the Brazilian colony walking around a Ghost prisoner.

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