Pinchuk Foundation initiates the discussion of guarantees for Ukraine at the Munich security conference in February-2017

Possible direct security guarantees for Ukraine will be discussed in mid-February, the Munich security conference for a special event, which was first organized in the framework of this forum, the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

“In February of this year at the Munich security conference will be held the first in its history Ukrainian special event that we organize. With the world’s top professionals will discuss just the issues of what can be international guarantees for our country”, – said Victor Pinchuk in his article on “Ukrainian truth” on Friday.

In his opinion, the likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO at this stage tends to zero, so it is advisable to invest maximum efforts to receive security guarantees from the West as an alternative to NATO membership.

“Ukraine’s neutrality in the short or medium term, many people are interested. Here a compromise should not we as much as our Western partners . And if they want stability and peace, they will go to him,” wrote Ukrainian businessman and philanthropist.

He added that Ukraine has one more trump card: “the Budapest precedent.” “The West has not performed in front of us their legal obligations, did not give us a gun behind the atomic bomb, remains in front of us, at least in moral duties. We must demand from the West, significant financial and technical assistance to strengthen our defense, direct security guarantees”, – said Pinchuk.

It is difficult to say what might these guarantees. “In the world there were no such precedents. But now we need to send maximum of expert intellectual effort to answer the main question: what international assurances we need. Then strain all the opportunities so that these guarantees can be achieved”, – said the businessman.

He called to involve for this purpose all diplomatic and political resources.

The Munich security conference is an annual conference held in Munich (Germany) since 1962. Before 1993 it was called a conference on military issues and conducted under the auspices of the Christian social Union, since 1998, funded by the German government. In 2017 it will be held from 17 to 19 February.

Chairman of the Munich security conference, Wolfgang Ischinger (Wolfgang Ischinger), the leading it since 2008, in February 2016, included in the Supervisory Board based V. Pinchuk in 2004, the Yalta European strategy (YES). Before heading to the Munich conference in 2008, W. Ischinger since 1975, worked in the diplomatic service of Germany, where he held the post of Secretary of state for foreign Affairs, Ambassador of Germany to the US and the UK, and started his career in 1973 in the office of the UN Secretary General.

In addition to the well-known diplomat in 2007 represented the EU in the negotiations of the Troika on Kosovo’s future, and in 2014 as a representative of the OSCE Chairman was one of the moderators of a number of “round tables” in Ukraine, which had the aim of promoting a broad national dialogue.

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