Poet Andrey Dementyev – 89: the poet will gather talents from all over the country

July 16 Andrew Dementieva will be 89. According to tradition, this day he will spend in his native city of Tver, in his House of poetry. The wisdom of the poet that he definitely recalls a bygone authors (last year unveiled a monument to the poets of the sixties) and helps young talents. Just on July 15-16 will be the first all-Russian meeting of young poets will gather hundreds of people for whom poetry is the centre of the universe.

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

— Andrey Dmitrievich, events, as far as I understand, the expected scale?

— In our House of poetry in Tver we spend the first all-Russian meeting of young poets. And the results will be released book. Will be held master-classes, will come our outstanding writers and poets Yuri Polyakov, Yury kublanovsky, Andrei Sokolov, Gennady Krasnikov, the literary critic Pavel Basinsky and many others. That is all prepared at a high level . In addition, we will open the square of Poetry — when poetry House we have a Park, where there is a monument to the poets of the sixties Zurab Tsereteli. So now in addition to be opened pretty little pamiatniki with the poems of famous poets, which were not included in the common monument of the sixties, is Rimma Kazakova and Vladimir Kostrov, a… the Culmination of the festival will be a big concert in the Tver drama theatre with the participation of Lyubov Kazarnovskaya, Sergei Zhilin, sing songs, good poems of our classics… As my friend Joseph Kobzon: “the birthday we have to celebrate work.”

— And approximately how many people are involved in the gathering of poets?

We read a few of the thousands of submitted poems, and will be able to accommodate about a hundred people, then the best will be selected — we treat this very seriously. We do this not only for the sake of prosperity of Russia and our Tver earth, but also in the name of a culture as deeply as possible and wider than the captured youth. To poetry was part of every soul, from poetry people become cleaner, kinder, better.

— Just wanted to ask: what are poets now?

— You know, many young people criticized, saying that she does not read, does not develop — and I am optimistic. I believe that the youth will not depart from culture, “the good people too little, and yet they are the majority”. So everything will be fine. No coincidence to me shortly before his death called Eugene Evtushenko said: “I had a full house!”. And I said, “Well, man, surprised, you always have a full house!”. And he said, “No, you don’t understand, a room full of youth!”. I just got back from a trip to Siberia, you have no idea how many young comes to poetry. And I was very happy. Not because people come up to me and just because the young people drifted to poetry — the most important and fine lines in our upbringing.

— You read poems by poets who will attend your meeting: where they be held, what bothers them?

The poems are very different, each individual, to learn to write poetry, I think, impossible. No. And if people’s fate has rewarded talent, it is necessary to create conditions for them Wednesday. I believe that if a person is gifted with, even a little, it should be good for him and for those who will read it. Literature should always be with us. Books are what constitutes the human soul. If the house got the book, still someone will read it. So our House poetry festival poets — it’s not just our personal Tver business, but work nationwide. We were supported by a grant to the gathering was held at a high level — President Vladimir Putin. Of the traditions established by our House of poetry has many know. I wish these Houses were across the country. And I hope it will happen.

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