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The mayor of Legnica was against its creation, but the local deputies supported the initiative.

The Complex of secondary schools No. 4 in Legnica near Wroclaw, will open a primary school for the Ukrainian minority.

As informs the Polish radio with reference to Gazeta Wroclawska, the mayor of Legnica was against its creation, but the local deputies supported the initiative.

“At the last session deputies supported the resolution, which provides for the opening of another elementary school in the city. It will work in the Complex of secondary schools №4 along the street Taras Shevchenko”, – said the press Secretary of the mayor of Legnica Arkadiusz Rodak, adding that “it will be the smallest city school with classes that will consist from a few to a few disciples.”

It is noted that the Ukrainian minority has always been an important part of the inhabitants of Legnica . The city has a Complex of secondary schools №4 im. Bohdan-Ihor Antonych Ukrainian language learning.

“In recent months in Poland to Legnica came to many Ukrainians. This school is a chance not only for the Ukrainian minority, but also for the development of Legnica”, – said the Chairman of Legnickiego division of the Association of Ukrainians in Poland Bogdan Petushok.

The Ukrainian minority enthusiastically welcomed by deputies adopted the decision. The Ukrainians emphasized that the city has for many years support them in the preservation of Ukrainian traditions and culture.

“Thanks to this school in Legnica come more Ukrainians who want to live and raise their children here,” said Yuri Pavlidi mug from OUP in Legnica.

In Poland a little similar schools with Ukrainian language of instruction. Among other things, they work in Górowo iławeckie and Bartoszyce (Warmia-Masuria Voivodeship), przemyśl (Subcarpathian Voivodeship) and White Bor (West Pomeranian Voivodeship).

According to the Department of labor in lower Silesian Voivodeship in 2016 came to work 121,7 thousand foreigners. 119,5 thousand of them – Ukrainians. In Wroclaw last year worked 62,4 thousand Ukrainians, and in świdnica to 18.6 thousand In the third place – Thessaloniki: the County works 5, 5 thousand citizens of Ukraine.

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