Poroshenko has signed the laws on state support of cinema and the establishment of the Ukrainian cultural Fund

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has signed the laws “On the Ukrainian cultural Fund” and “On state support of cinematography in Ukraine”, the press service of the head of state.

“It’s very important for people to know that these laws provide for the introduction of modern models of competitive and transparent funding of film production in Ukraine, as well as other programs in the field of culture and art. There won’t be a distribution of funds “under the covers”, will not be opaque distributions for kickbacks,” said Poroshenko at the meeting with representatives of Ukrainian culture, film and television industry.

He noted that the state support of cinematography will be by decision of the Council for state support of cinema by results of competitive selection of cultural test project for a certain law criteria .

One of the key criteria for the projects the President called language: “There is a principled and clear position – eligible for support will only have the products that will be produced in the Ukrainian language. The only exception for this is the Crimean Tatar language, given those positions, in which, as a result of the illegal annexation of Crimea, came the Crimean Tatar people”.

P. Poroshenko stressed that with these state laws and the relevant Council will receive a long-awaited mechanism for the efficient support of the film industry, the production of programs and films. He also expressed the view that the implementation of new approaches to state support for culture and production will contribute to the production of globally competitive film product.

According to the President, not least to support and develop Ukrainian film production and Ukrainian product will become important in the information war with the enemy, which Ukraine is forced to wage against the aggressor country of Russia.

“We have limited the presence of Russian cinema in our market, because basically this product is impregnated by the propaganda of the so-called “Russian world”, which glorifies the aggressor and its power structures”, – he stated.

“Is this item important, a key element of de-communization in culture and in film. That is what we perceive it to be and with this we have to go to people and say how important it is for people to understand the scale of this event and the changes in the legislation that we have achieved and felt tomorrow, when we as a result of actions of both laws get new movies” – summed Poroshenko.

As reported, on March 23 the Verkhovna Rada adopted amendments of the President bill (No. 3081-d) on state support of cinematography in Ukraine.

According to the law, the Council on state support to cinematography composed of nine people who are appointed for two years. The Council includes persons, proposed a Central authority which ensures the formation of state policy in the field of cinema, which implements the state policy in the field of cinema (for one person), creative unions and public associations.

The law stipulates peculiarities of provision of state support of cinematography in the form of a grant to return that portion of the qualified expenditures incurred by the subject of cinematography at the film production, as well as the amounts of such subsidies.

The law provides that broadcasters are required before 1 January 2022, a minimum of 15% of monthly time to show national films and movies created by the entities of Ukrainian cinema, and after January 1, 2022 at least 30%.

On the same day the Verkhovna Rada adopted the draft law (No. 5491) about the Ukrainian cultural Fund. According to the law, the Ukrainian cultural Fund is a budgetary institution, which will perform special functions to promote national-cultural development of the country. The Ministry of culture will coordinate its activities. The law stipulates the competence of the Fund.

The Fund is a legal entity of public law. He will be able in coordination with the Ministry of culture to establish territorial offices in the oblasts and in Kyiv.

Ukrainian cultural Foundation will determine the criteria for competitive selection of projects to be supported, to provide grants to legal and physical persons and other support projects in the field of culture and art. The Fund will select and monitor the execution of projects.

Annually before may 1, the Fund shall submit to the Ministry of culture and presenting to the public a report on its activities for the previous year together with the report of the accounting chamber on results of financial control. Every three years, provided the audit company that has experience of auditing according to international standards. The same firm may not conduct audit more than two times in a row.

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