Power: the UN will not be able to face global challenges without the United States

The U.S. permanent representative to the UN, Samantha Power

© AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

UN 14 Jan. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The UN will not be able to confront global challenges, including terrorism, epidemics and natural disasters, without the leading role of the United States. With such a statement was made on Friday Samantha Power at his last press conference as the permanent U.S. representative at the world organization.

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The diplomat, continuing President Barack Obama’s thoughts on American exceptionalism, remarked that the world “will always appeal to the UN, when faced with a threat in the face of terrorism, rogue state seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, the next epidemic (fever) Ebola or other illness, tsunami” . “We know what is going to happen, so it is in our interest to make the organization more efficient, and this will never happen, if it will not be US that are in the status of the leader act from a position of cooperation, mutual respect and (within) the concept of collective security and universal values,” said Power, who will leave his post at the end of next week.

Nothing to apologize for

The US Ambassador noted that no one country alone can resolve international conflicts, but Washington, in its opinion, has “a lot of leverage,” and must continue to use them effectively.

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Commenting on criticism of the current US administration, including that she has not taken more decisive action against Syria, the DPRK, Iran and South Sudan, the diplomat said he did not regret adopted in Washington solutions. “I, for one, would never apologize for the efforts that the Secretary of state (USA John) Kerry for many months were taken in the middle East or with Russia on Syria because people died there”, – said Power.

According to her, Obama consulted with her, making important decisions, but sometimes acted differently. “Perhaps in the future, looking back, I think he was right, not listening to me in some cases, but I’m very proud to have been associated with a President who had worked so hard for peace, so passionately cares about preserving our planet for future generations,” she said.

The Swan song of Power

At a press conference that lasted over an hour, Power talked a lot about the merits of Obama and his administration, attributing her success in the fight against the Ebola epidemic in West Africa. In addition, she noted that in some countries the government does not listen to its own people, and independent media are harassed or used as “a platform for disseminating lies.” According to her, the state can be judged “by its attitude towards the press.”

Latest Power meeting with journalists at the headquarters of the UN left a mixed impression. The word at the press conference was given to the representatives of the “trusted” media, including journalists from Reuters, Associated Press and AFP, which are mainly asked philosophical questions and received corresponding answers. The American Ambassador left without comment the charges brought in the U.S. against relatives of the former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon, and also refused to answer the question relating to the cholera epidemic in Haiti, in the case where you blame the world organization. “This press conference is taking place on a pre-written script,” said one of the journalists, leaving the room at the moment when Power has not yet finished his speech.

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