Prancer has offered Georgia to extradite Saakashvili

Photo: strana.ua the Head of the Georgian interior Ministry played on the phone

Georgia refused to accept the former President, in spite of the search.

Prancer Lexus (Alexey Stolyarov) played the head of the interior Ministry of Georgia Giorgi mghebrishvili. He called him under the guise of Ukrainian colleagues Arsen Avakov and offered to extradite Mikheil Saakashvili. Exclusive recording of their conversation available in the Country.

According to “Avakov”, Saakashvili was planning to come to Ukraine to start an international incident.

“He’ll take the MEPs, he arrives to us in Borispol, but then we need a reason for him to have not left, and went to you. This order in our country agreed on the first person,” – said the Joker to the head of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia.

However, mghebrishvili refused to take the former President at home, while in Georgia he wanted .

“The Prime Minister told me that this dear man nah@th, pardon the expression, we not needed here. He only engaged in a gamble and nothing else … bother,” – said the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia on the proposal of Prancer, promising, however, again to consult with his superiors.

Later, Lexus called again, mghebrishvili to learn the results of the talks with the Georgian leadership, however, they were unchanged.

“We have consulted. And I would like to request. If the villain will appear, let it’s better to be homeless than it is to sit in a Georgia prison… We him a hero don’t want to do. Here everything is calm, everything stabilized. If he gets here, will start some excitement… If you have, then don’t give it to us”, – said the head of Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia.

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