Prime Minister of Spain accused the Russian Federation in the dissemination of fakes

Photo: gettyimages.com Rajoy accused the Russian Federation in the dissemination of false news

Rajoy said that half of all false news came from Russian accounts.

The majority of false news about the crisis in Catalonia spread through the Russian profiles. This was stated by Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy in the air Spanish radio station cope.

The Prime Minister noted the excellent organization for the dissemination of fake news.

“50% fake profiles (which spread information on the Internet) were in Russia and 30% in Venezuela,” said Rajoy.

At the same time he state d that he had no evidence that Russian hackers had a hand in the development of the Catalan scenario.

Recall that Madrid reported the intervention groups from Russia in a referendum on secession of Catalonia from Spain to destabilize the Spanish state.

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