Prokhor Chaliapin sure that ek-singer “Lyceum” Jeanne Rostkova was killed over property

Singer believes that his close friend could have killed from-for apartments in Moscow.

Recently it became known about death of the once popular singer Zhanna Rustamovoj. In the early days nothing was known about the circumstances of the death of the performer. It was later revealed that Jeanne had fallen shelf in the bathroom, according to “Russian conversation”.

One of the first who learned of the death of Rustamovoj, became her good friend, artist Prokhor Chaliapin. The singer reported about a tragic event in his official profile on Instagram. According to Chaliapin, he was friends with Joan for many years and was incredibly saddened by the news of her death.

The death of Rustamovoj regarded as an accident, but the singer insists on a different version. He was sure that Joan was able to kill for property. The singer had an apartment in the Russian capital, which is quite expensive . Chaliapin does not exclude that someone could claim the property of Rustamovoj, however, cannot assert this with absolute certainty.

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