Public reception of United Russia for the collection of signatures for Putin opened across the country

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MOSCOW, January 14. /TASS/. Several hundred sites of public reception of the party “United Russia” in all regions of the Russian Federation granted on 14 January to collect signatures in support of the participation in presidential elections of the Russian Federation acting head of state Vladimir Putin.

“Activists and collecting signatures in support of Vladimir Putin appealed to the “United Russia” with a request to provide 14 January the premises of public offices in order to collect signatures, and today the party has provided hundreds of sites of public reception offices in all 85 regions”, – stated in the message a press-services of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia, received on January 14 at the TASS. It clarifies that “receiving work from 9 to 19 hours.”

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“About foster the people you know – they come here with their problems, suggestions, advice. Those who would like to put his signature in support of Vladimir Putin, have the opportunity to do it today, the doors of the public reception open to all”, – the press service quoted Chairman of the Commission of the Presidium of the General Council “United Russia” on work with references of citizens Galina Karelova.

Secretary of the General Council Andrey Turchak underlined that the party only has provided its grounds, the collection of signatures is involved, it is the task of the collectors. “We are not engaged in propaganda, not force anyone. To sign or not, everyone decides for himself,” said he.

The holding in foster of “United Russia” so-called uniform day of collecting signatures in support of Putin Turchak has informed on January 11. However, he specifically stipulated that “the collection of signatures, the party is not engaged in by definition, because Putin goes on elections as the independent candidate”. “Collecting signatures engaged his regional staff, and volunteers, among them, of course, can be members of the party “United Russia”, – he explained.

Turchak said that he also plans on 14 January to sign for Putin.

The collection of signatures for Putin

Acting President Vladimir Putin was nominated for the presidential elections that will be held on 18 March 2018, a self. To register as a candidate it is necessary to collect not less than 300 thousand signatures of citizens. Their collection began on 5 January and, according to the press-Secretary of the election headquarters of presidential candidate Andrei Kondrashov, on the morning of January 12 had been collected already more than half a million autographs. Although the Central electoral Commission the candidate may submit for examination no more than 315 thousand signatures, at the headquarters of the promise that the collection will continue, so that everyone could Express their support for Putin.

United Russia, which Putin was nominated for the previous presidential elections, has repeatedly expressed support for his campaign. An official decision was made at the party Congress in late December last year.

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