Putin became the hero of the cartoon about Prince Vladimir

XXII Open Russian festival of animated film ended in Suzdal is not only giveaways, but also a parade of characters Fyodor Khitruk headed Winnie Puhami. So the animators celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of a unique master, “Papa” Winnie the Pooh “Boniface’s Holiday”. Took part in the procession and his grandson Fyodor Khitruk, who is 2.5 years.

photo: Svetlana Khokhryakova

The parade Winnie Pukhov. The most original costume.

Then the animated characters made and drawn, producers and artists, children, all who wanted to, flew into the sky on balloons. For example, Alexey Alekseev made the Fuzz in his trademark style, previously asked if he could be lean. And skinny the Pooh soared to the clouds.

Among the guests and participants of the festival there were many young and yet unknown artists. On this occasion, Yuri Norstein remembered by Fyodor Khitruk, who said, like, come into the canteen, look at the legs, and then all know. But today it is impossible . New generation — legs, he did not know.

The jury awarded the Grand Prix to the film “Among the black waves” Anna Budanova from Yekaterinburg, based on the legend about the souls of the drowned. Hefty hunter stole the skin of a girl-seals, and she became his wife, bore him a son. But how many wolf feed… And rush the girl with the soul of the animal in the hole, as soon as possible. Once Anna Budanova was a great job as animator in the film “the Gift” Michael Dvoryankin, and its own “Resentment”, awarded in Cannes of animation is in Annecy. And now she has made a fascinating graphic work.

Special prize of jury has awarded Elizabeth Skvortsova for “johnny-Bonnie-B” based on the poem by Edward Lear and Svetlana Andrianova for the film “Two trams” on Mandelstam, the protagonists of which were mother and son — trams. “Best short film” marked pattern “of Fish, swimmers, ships” Dmitry Geller and Andrey Kulev, inspired by the poetry of Paul Eluard, translated into Chinese. In the category “Best film for children” won “the squirrel and the sled” by Olesya Shchukina on touching squirrel, first ride on a sled with a huge mountain.

It all began with the Christmas cards made greetings for friends. Olesya student Konstantin Bronzit in St. Petersburg University of cinema and television, later known as cinema in France, where she now lives and works. “Best student film” is “The square” James Pie, which is actually a Cooking Yakovlev. Within three minutes different people pass in front of us. There are hundreds of them in every metropolis, so it is an interesting observation of the pulse of urban life. Among the authors were Vova Kompotik, too, caught girl. “Why do you Vova Kompotik?” — the question was asked. “I always wanted to be a boy” — said in response. What still remains girls, since men rarely are in a difficult and painstaking animation profession.

Cartoons can be loose, as “the Wolf’s eyelash” Elizabeth Starikova, made of colored sand and black salt, even from dill. Yuri Norstein, after watching the film the fly, recalled his relationship with the insects: “When a fly becomes a doll — it’s wonderful. I flies good relationship, and watching them is happiness.” Someone filmed a biopic about the funeral kitty, and Svetlana elchaninova — about a cockroach who knew nothing except home and work, and at some point decided to unwind with dichlorvos. No wonder Svetlana is the author of the collection of anti-drug comics.

Ivan Maksimov lives in his own world and it is dangerous for their endless imitators, direct and indirect disciples of the clones. His “Alternative walk” is about a walk in the Park by the rules, or rather, by his own rules. Ivan participated in the first in the world almanac Pirozhkova animation, “Take any time from childhood,” the seven authors which is 6 minutes and 20 seconds “blind” cartoon of simple quatrains. Alexander Lukin was surprised at the number of wizards in Moscow, which, according to the latest census, has reached 30 thousand, and rented “the Evil sorcerer”, where older representative of the profession wanted to spoil the beauty, but eventually made the personal life.

“Goats” Catherine Philippi met in 1 minute and 33 seconds and selected by the festival in the French Annecy. The goats are going to train and show himself as the true goats. Their ranks swell more and giraffe. Rustam Kornoushkin took the 4-minute “the Company” based on the works of Vladimir Lyubarova about the Jews, wasn’t spending time at the table. They ate pickles in the day when the whole festival around it and worked on a makeshift farmers ‘ market pickles, cheese and khrenovukha. So excited about this picture. Some Directors themselves steel manufacturers. Two days a week engaged in the manufacture of cheese, and the rest of the shoot animation. Had the opportunity to evaluate both.

The 27-minute “the Choice of Prince Vladimir,” Anna Danilova and gala UNESCO — something like “Viking” in the animation how was the baptism of Rus. Prince Vladimir was voiced by Alexander Inshakov. Modern boy wolf doesn’t know who to be. So he turns to the icon with the words: “Father Nicholas, help me to write an essay”. But once your sister gets into the pagan past to Prince Vladimir, quickly determined: “I now know who I want to be. Want to become a great Prince Vladimir”. On the red square in our days, he will witness the opening of the monument to Prince Vladimir, will see the country’s President. His face we will not show, only a hand shaking baby hands. Guys will tell the President who they want to be — who is a blacksmith, and who is a farmer. And sister Vova Olga say that she is a Princess, and all because they heard of Prince Vladimir about his grandmother Princess Olga. The President will cackle in response. But the wolf will please him the answer: “my profession — to defend the Motherland”. “What’s your name, boy?” — ask the President. After learning what Vladimir says, “Be worthy of his great name.”

What do you want, boy, and often a girl? — this question could be addressed to the authors of many of the competition films. The flight was twice nominated for “Oscar” Konstantin Bronzit reminded them: “When the Director makes his movies, we — the audience — needs to understand what he wanted from us, why have wasted a year of my life.” Ivan Maximov is ready to work on the knee and quickly: “perhaps, in order to get “Oscar”, you need to bathe, and to increase the capacity for good in the viewer, do not need. My goal is to arrange his personal life. Want to do stuff and not going to invent a new cinematic language. If only the audience was happy.”

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