Putin explained why the intelligence services of the US and Russia need to work together

At the meeting of the Board of the FSB the head of state stressed the need to restore dialogue between Russian and American intelligence services in combating terrorism.

According to “Russian conversation” the President believes that cooperation with Western partners should be taken to the next level, despite all the difficulties.

“First and foremost, of course, we must intensify our work with our partners in organizations such as the UN, CSTO, the Shanghai cooperation organization”, – he said.

The President stressed that the dialogue has broken down and ceased to develop is not the fault of the Russian side. Vladimir Putin noted that the resumption of the dialogue with the secret services of NATO countries, especially the USA, is part of the General interest, since even a simple exchange of information on terrorists will greatly increase the effectiveness of the overall effort .

In his speech the head of state said that Kiev has openly declared its intention to organize in Russia of sabotage and terrorist attacks. He also explained the deterioration in the Donbass attempt of the Ukrainian authorities to disrupt the “Minsk-2”.

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