Putin will remain in history as a great draftsman

You remember the phrase Mayakovsky on the classics, which would be nice to “throw off the ship of modernity”? And here we thought — and who, on the contrary, from our time (if we take the post-Soviet period) will fall on the ship of history? That the current culture will remain for centuries?

a fragment of the painting “the Last days of Pompeii.” 1830-1833 K. P. Bryullov, State Russian Museum

The issue is more than strange, and it’s on our side, rather, a psychological experiment — we offer same question, and received from the people deserved some curious thought patterns, lightning-fast insights, of what constitutes a kind of cultural poem of our time: here we are. So, look in the mirror…

What will remain on the ship of history?

— Do not you think that the issue demagogic? (Viktor Sukhorukov)

Most important issue! Everyone is busy, su-e-the! Vanity stuck, too. Now keep one thing in mind — how to make a career, to rank, to inflict a scandal . Even I have something to get only when I with great effort to escape from the hustle and bustle. And will remain in history those whom we do not know. After all, to get to the surface now difficult. Where Dyagileva where von Meck, who could snatch the Creator of life? (Alexei Rybnikov)

Putin will stay as an innovator, as an artist in the Grand sense of the word. Yes, it’s hard for us, but internally we feel easy with him. Leo Bokeria, Roshal, they are also artists, artists business. As Gagarin — artist flight! (Nikas Safronov)

— Well, what Putin is an artist? The politician is a pragmatist. If anything, Putin is a draftsman. Yes, a great draftsman! But if you take the abstract images, the bells and whistles… Well, it’s like “Black square” move into politics — there is a nuclear war. (Yuri Loza)

— Oddly enough, will be exactly those things that are categorically not to be — such as “Tender may”, for example: this phenomenon is most striking, though, and the most vile. (Alex Kortnev)

— “Tender may” — definitely not, it’s a contextual phenomenon within its social background, it is not separately exist. But Pyotr Pavlensky and Pussy Riot are catalysts of change, they are no less bright than “Black square” and gulanowski urinal. The boat stories always hits the vanguard, leaving cute conservatism on the dock. (Vitaly Mansky)

— Pavlensky — it’s a bit extreme. It should always be, but this is crazy. (Boris Eifman)

— Vysotsky remains as the symbol of the transition of art into mass culture. He is the Creator of the so-called Russian chanson, and this description of the world from the standpoint of the layman, such a typical Soviet-Russian human priblatnennogo, not very good with cultural baggage, but with the throat. And sadly “why am I not a God?” and “why I don’t worship all the Nations of the world?”. (Yuri Arabs)

— Would take on Board Galic, Prigov and the whole company “Metropol” with Vysotsky, Yevtushenko and Akhmadulina, it’s fun. Real artists — so strongly that around them are always a lot of imitators. (Viktor Erofeev)

— I would have brought in the tablets sting is for me the standard of a man who freely exist outside the genre, he is out of something, it is just from creativity. But there is poetry on a high level, and the music that is delicately between genres, combining rock, ethnics, soul, folk. Sting — it’s endless zeal for change, “what else can I change?”. While organic all — a single note can not erase. Here it is worthy of the ship’s history. (Stas Pieha)

— Bolshoi theatre! (Maria Allash)

— I’ll have Peter. (Zurab Tsereteli)

— Great staging of the Olympics in Sochi. (Nikolai Baskov)

— Something really eternal is planted in the regions now, what we do not know. Because center, the Metropolitan art doomed to success, but, as a consequence, to a quick oblivion. (Yuri Grymov).

The biggest tragedy is the suicide of the USSR. And the culture… shit was culture, in my opinion, because there is nothing outstanding in these (post-Soviet) years I noticed. Really. (Eduard Limonov)

— What does “the post-Soviet period”? Soviet power was still not over. You have the illusion. (Lyudmila Maksakova)

— Any art in Russia has always pales in comparison with historical events in the country. But we must admit that art is now certainly no longer Soviet. But how — I can’t judge. (Valery Koshlyakov)

— The steamer? Culture? Bullshit. (Vasily Livanov)

— I would take the boat of the history of the creative internationalism, which was famous for my Alma mater — VGIK. In the hostel of the Institute of Cinematography lived everything from the future Director Matti Resonnace to Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, Africans, everyone. In the next room Kohl Gubenko lived, Govorukhin. And for life all remained friends. When at Columbia I went to Milos Forman and said I was from the University, we the minute began on you. Although he was already in the top ten of the world’s Directors, and I at that time — a poor immigrant. (Eduard Topol)

I agree with the Poplar, is the most valuable thing we’ve lost the diversity of cultures, tremendous cross-fertilization. (Serge)

— This ship without me. (Ludmila Ulitskaya)

— Would take a book of Dmitry Likhachev “Memories”. (Eugene Vodolazkin)

And what makes you think that history will judge fairly? This is all there is a folksy expression modavie expectations. A story about nothing says. Understand that memory is not valuable, she grabs known. In the XIX and in the XX century, there are lots of wonderful artists, just do not fall under the PR scope. The poet George Bolduev (1898-1954) is not inferior to the harms, but harms know everything, and Obolduev failed, there was PR support. Or the poet Vladimir Poletaev, suicide at age 18 by his lyricism differed little from the school of psychology. Or who will prove that the poet Alexander Polezhaev (1804-1838) is Pushkin’s talent? Everything is shaky. (Yuri Arabs)

— I can’t select anything bright, there is a uniform background, but this is good! In my time, through censorship and bans broke books Bulgakov, Solzhenitsyn, Grossman. It’s like the hunger to see bananas on the market — a miracle! Now such events in culture and can not be, because the society openly. Before you say that the Earth moves, you will burn at the stake. And now say, do not say, everything is possible, nothing is forbidden. And it’s perfect! (Vladimir Voinovich)

“The petty themes” must remain. To young people interested in their own lives, and not some cosmic Odissey, interplanetary aliens, all this nonsense on vegetable oil, a fruit of sick animals. And why do you keep coughing? (Igor Maslennikov)

— Would take all the delusions, the passions and hopes of the Russian intelligentsia, including splash in the social network. Would that leads and inspires young, from immortal riot Yegor Letov until the beating of Disaster Oximoron… And saw that the nobility and humanity of our culture have not disappeared anywhere. (Sergei Shargunov)

— Will remain, of course, my smiling polar bears from ceramics, drawings bagels, snow clumps, willows and eyes. It is a cultural injection, which has changed the idea about the features and availability of culture. Forever. (Andrey Bartenev)

— Step into the future a new type of artist, which arose due to the greater openness of the world. Incredible technological advances have led to the era of accelerated consciousness. Speed decides everything. But because of her are now vague concepts — real and simulated. Increased risk to meet a Mirage instead of the true beginning… (Dmitry Bertman)

— Sign of the times — new technologies. That I like modern Opera productions, they look even more interesting than rock concerts. (Yuri Shevchuk)

— I’ll be happy if in the future there will remain serious craftsmen who couragerous and charm. (Irina Antonova)

Right now a new spell chronicle: in the last 20 years the country has changed! We stopped being ashamed of their own flag, ceased furtively to speak abroad arrived from Russia, but began to proudly wear their symbols, does not hide that he came from Kazan, Moscow, St. Petersburg. And here — arrogance, desire, hope. Here they will go down in history. (Edgard Zapashny)

Will be that dictated by the heart and mind: the sculpture “Wall of grief” works of Georgy Frangulyan on Sakharov Avenue. (Garry Bardin)

What should not get on the ship of history?

— The first thing that comes to mind is “sell-out”. I would like to in the future she is not stepped. And preferably earlier. (Maxim Nikulin)

— I would have abolished the “House-2”: this is something that has no goals, no ideas, and the absolute murder of a human time, the characters themselves, which are then with this stigma all my life go. (Stas Pieha)

— Medina. The atmosphere of strangulation, which is now not supposed to enter neither next year nor in the next decade. (Garry Bardin)

— Medina will remain as a typical anti-hero time. Anti-heroes are also needed. (Vitaly Mansky)

Only a hundred years ago, the current Mat or the poet Mayakovsky was considered to be a here modern art — eccentric, rebellious, alternative to the then accepted Canon. And now it’s a classic, the Golden Fund of world culture. I’m sure this waiting and someone from our contemporaries. Not everyone, of course. About it and warns Mayakovsky: “Poetry is the same — the extraction of radium. In gram extraction, during the works”. And certainly not to the officials to decide what kind of “gram” will be remembered as a cultural pattern. The Ministry is to support all art, even very non-standard… (Vladimir Medinsky)

For culture the worst thing is when come the ignorant, drugged with some kind of ideology — Marxism or militant Islam and start it, culture, to destroy. God forbid. (Vladimir Voinovich)

— All are now advocating it all pop the consciousness — I couldn’t take in the story. Even the store you go — there are loud shouts something awful. We are in the period when the sine wave goes down. Timelessness. Eats still Soviet wealth — the same Artemyev, Shainsky, Dashkevich… (Serge)

— What remains, it would be better not there. 6-percent high-quality segment of the population already crushed the fake culture, and a rare good works will continue to sink in the mass of filthy shit. I can hardly imagine how can there be an old man with a beard, write a “War and peace” and as someone who wants to read it. Yes just burn in the oven… (Vladimir Dashkevich)

— Turkey will not remain, it is all shelupon. I studied for 20 years to paint, and he just nailed the genitals and became known. It will all be forgotten! There are all sorts of Pussy Riot entered the temple, shouted at, fucked with… promoted by the West, inflated-hyped, but having nothing in reality. Will remain my art, because although it is modern, but based on the knowledge of the old masters. (Nikas Safronov)

— I am opposed to the aesthetics of shoking. The main thing for these authors to shout that I did it! Not about people they care. And just vykruchivatsya to do it backwards, to create a scandal. It is necessary to get rid of. (Igor Maslennikov)

Even the most heinous pop songs or cooperative movie of the 90s is the edification of posterity: remember! As it is impossible “to throw off the steamship of modernity” the notorious crimson jackets Versace: it’s still about will be filmed and put on plays. (Alex Kortnev)

— Go away should bydlyachestvo, nischebrodstvo, spiritual poverty, cultural, jealousy, hatred. With them no future. (Anastasia Volochkova)

— I don’t want the story got this newfangled a mad craving pop to put yourself on the social network: “look at me!”, a bunch of imaginary fans, the constant exposure to the phone. This is a departure from reality into some kind of fake and artificial environment. “Oh, she’s a star! She has a million followers on Instagram!” It’s not true. (Maria Allash)

— The race for the number of followers on Facebook — a deadly poison for the present art, in General, our society is built on the glorification of success and rating! And it’s all like aphids, devours cultural heritage. (Alexei Rybnikov)

— For me absolutely not clear that will remain pieces of silver. I don’t see any revolutionary, breakthrough. This is the same universal deception as “the Black square” Malevich, like Dali paintings but on a smaller scale, of course. Five people have said that it’s brilliant, and a wave. As Ilf and Petrov — “the confused intelligentsia among the people, separation from the people and the fall”, is of the same order phenomenon — the Columbus theatre of “the Twelve chairs”. (Maxim Nikulin)

In sculpture — the picture is bleak, it is rolled back in the worst traditions of realistic art, propaganda purely illustrative. If it is possible to remove the false short-term work — it will be better. (Georgy Frangulyan)

— The main candidates in the “not taken” is the artist continues to transform our cities into cemeteries. Putting and putting all new bronze idols. But… don’t take it, when they imposed on themselves so thoroughly. (Gelman)

— Freedom turns into permissiveness — hence the appearance of various freaks and pseudoculture phenomena like hooliganism in a temple or public harm. A similar phenomenon is absolutely impossible to take on Board ship stories, but this can’t turn away, it’s part of our cultural development. It is also a part of us. (Sergey Bezrukov)

— Drop ship — it’s not me. To me these divisions on their own and others disgusting. Even if this involved sticky dumplings of collectivism, let him create his own Museum of regression, where Lenin with Hitler, taking Trotsky and Macedonian, as well as other tamerlano and psychopaths, will talk about the bright future in which they will drive mankind whips and axes. Sorry messy — I’m on the bike and under the snow. (Oleg Kulik)

Oh, my God! Yes let’s keep everything: bad and good. Because this is our life, our culture. (Nikolai Kolyada)

* * *

What’s the bottom line? Irrespective of good or bad in conversations with cultural figures (from which the material came not all and not all) have mentioned: “the Black square” of Malevich — 10 times, Peter Pavlensky — 7 times, Kirill Serebrennikov, 5 times, Pussy Riot, 3 times, Andrey Zvyagintsev — 3 times, “Tender may” — 2 times, Vladimir Medinsky — 2, “Notice” — 2 times. No comment.

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